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Category K.3.2 Computer and Information Science Education

Accreditation Computer science education Curriculum Information systems education Literacy Self-assessment
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Article A MODEL FOR VISUAL LEARNING IN AUTISM Abstract: The paper describes a nearly new learning and teaching model referred to as visual learning. The definitions of “visual learning” and “concept map” are given. The use of concept ma 
Article ABOUT PROBLEMS OF DECISION MAKING IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS Abstract: The reasons of a restricted applicability of the models of decision making in social and economic systems. 3 basic principles of growth of their adequacy are proposed: "localization" of sol 
Article ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE OF DEVELOPING INTERACTIVE DYNAMIC ... Abstract: Publication describes the author’s experience in the development of illustrative dynamic materials for eLearning courses. The presented illustrations offer multiply interactive possibilit 
Article ALGORITHM OF CONSECUTIVE DEFINITION OF RANKING OF THE OBJECTS ... Abstract: The problem of a finding of ranging of the objects nearest to the cyclic relation set by the expert between objects is considered. Formalization of the problem arising at it is resulted. Th 
Article ALGORITHMS FOR GENERATING OPERATIONAL MODEL OF COMPETENCE BUSINESS GAMES Abstract: In this paper we continue the investigation related to the development of tools for the design and implementation of computer business games, aimed at creating a certain level of competence 
Article ALGORITHMS OF AUTOMATE MODEL CONSTRUCTION FOR BUSINESS GAME EXECUTION SUBSYSTEM Abstract: Changes of professional environment, caused by introduction of new technologies and techniques, create a necessity in continuous education and development of professional competences. In th 
Article AN UML PROJECT OF A TASK-ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT FOR TEACHING ALGORITHMS Abstract: This paper continues the author’s team research on development, implementation, and experimentation of a task-oriented environment for teaching and learning algorithms. This environment i 
Article AUTOMATIZATION OF COMPUTER BUSINESS GAME AUTOMATON MODEL CONSTRUCTION Abstract: This paper suggests an approach, which enables automatization of computer business game automaton model construction. The processes of business game design and conduction occur within the  
Article COGNITIVE APPROACH TO E-LEARNING IN SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES ... Abstract: This article describes the approach adopted and the results obtained by the international team developing WBLST (Web Based Learning in Sciences and Technologies) a Web-based application for 
Article DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL ONTOLOGY FOR C-PROGRAMMING Abstract: Development of educational ontologies is a step towards creation of sharable and reusable adaptive educational systems. Ontology as a conceptual courseware structure may work as a mind tool 
Article DOMAIN MODELING TO SUPPORT ANTI-CYBER CRIME EDUCATION Abstract: This paper describes an approach to a computer-based learning of educational material. We define a model for the class of subjects of our interest - teaching of investigation and prevention 
Article EDUCATIONAL MODEL OF COMPUTER AS A BASE FOR INFORMATICS LEARNING Abstract: It is proposed to use one common model of computer for teaching different parts of the informatics course, connected with both hardware and software subjects. Reasoning of such slant is pre 
Article INFOSTATION-BASED ADAPTABLE PROVISION OF M-LEARNING SERVICES: ... Abstract: This paper presents an adaptable InfoStation-based multi-agent system facilitating the mobile eLearning (mLearning) service provision within a University Campus. A horizontal view of the ne 
Article ON COMBINATION OF DEDUCTION AND ANALYTICAL TRANSFORMATIONS ... Abstract: We investigate a possible way for solving the problem of combination of logical inference search methods and symbolic computation tools in e-learning testing on the basis of the approaches 
Article ONTOLOGY OF EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS Abstract: This article discusses the formation of educational standards. The method of forming the content of the educational process describes. The method is based on the ontological knowledge repre 
Article THE CONSTRUCTION OF COMPETENCY-BASED BUSINESS GAME OPERATIONAL MODEL Abstract: Professional staff competences may have a substantial impact on business efficiency and performance. Therefore many modern companies train their personnel in order to develop a set of profe 
Article THE EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE-BASED DESIGN OF VIRTUAL MEDICAL ... Abstract: The questions of software-based design of “virtual” technical systems are considered as facility of imitation experiment for educational purposes. These virtual systems are usable for a 
Article TQM IN E-LEARNING: A SELF-ASSESSMENT MODEL AND QUESTIONNAIRE Abstract: Organizations are seeking new, integrated systems that enable rapid changes through early identification of opportunities and problems, tracking of progress against plans, flexible allocati 
Article TRAINED NEURAL NETWORK CHARACTERIZING VARIABLES ... Abstract: Many organic compounds cause an irreversible damage to human health and the ecosystem and are present in water resources. Among these hazard substances, phenolic compounds play an important 
Article TRAINED NEURAL NETWORK CHARACTERIZING VARIABLES FOR PREDICTING ... Abstract: Many organic compounds cause an irreversible damage to human health and the ecosystem and are present in water resources. Among these hazard substances, phenolic compounds play an important  
Article WAVELET TRANSFORM IN INVESTIGATIONS OF STUDENTS EDUCABILITY DEPENDENTLY ... Abstract: Application of 2-level 2-D Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform of images with special words repeated by hand is offered. Metric of similarity for images with pattern words and images with stude 

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