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Article INDIVIDUALLY OPTIMAL PRINCIPLES OF DISTRIBUTION OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMMISION QUOT Abstract: The problems of climate change mitigation are being analyzed. Different emission quotas distribution mechanisms are observed. The work offers model and method of distribution based on the i 
Article A DNA CODIFICATION FOR GENETIC ALGORITHMS SIMULATION Abstract: In this paper we propose a model of encoding data into DNA strands so that this data can be used in the simulation of a genetic algorithm based on molecular operations. DNA computing is an  
Article About convergence of fuzzy perceptive elements sequences, defined on ... About convergence of fuzzy perceptive elements sequences, defined on different opportunities spaces Alexei Bychkov, Eugene Ivanov, Olha Suprun Abstract: Criteria for the existence of a model of con 
Article ABOUT POSSIBILITY-THEORETICAL METHOD OF PIECEWISE-LINEAR APPROXIMATION ... Abstract: This paper considers the problem of recognizing and classifying the odorants to preset classes of volatile matters. It is assumed that the data registered by sensory elements and been liabl 
Article AN ONTOLOGY-BASED APPROACH TO THE INCOMPLETE SIMULATION MODEL ... Abstract: The subsystem of simulation model completion is discussed. This subsystem is one of the components of computer-aided design and simulation system Triad.Net. Triad.Net is dedicated to compu 
Article APPLICATION OF PARETO OPTIMIZATION APPROACH TO OBSERVABILITY PROBLEM ... Abstract: Application of Pareto optimization based method of solving observability problem in aerodynamics is developed and considered. The error distribution of derivative approximation is investiga 
Article BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES STUDIES THROUGH SOFTWARE TOOLS:... Abstract: In this paper is aim to design a new software tool that allows to create synthetic biology complex systems and genetic circuit designs, as well as to carry out the development of these model 
Article CELLULAR COMPUTING: TOWARDS AN ARTIFICIAL CELL Abstract: At present most point of views are in agreement with the idea that the similarity between cells and computers is a useful metaphor from which to obtain powerful predictions about life. In  
Article COLLISION DETECTION AND TREATMENT USING 2D RECONFIGURABLE HARDWARE Abstract: The detection and treatment of collisions has been the subject of study for many years, periodically appear new techniques and algorithms to solve. it This article presents a hardware alter 
Article DNA SIMULATION OF GENETIC ALGORITHMS: FITNESS COMPUTATION1 Abstract: In this paper a computational mode is presented base on DNA molecules. This model incorporates the theoretical simulation of the principal operations in genetic algorithms. It defines the w 
Article DYNAMIC DISTRIBUTION SIMULATION MODEL OBJECTS ... Abstract: This paper presents the process of load balancing in simulation system Triad.Net, the architecture of load balancing subsystem. The main features of static and dynamic load balancing are di 
Article ENERGY-EFFICIENT PROTOCOL IN OMNET++ SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT Abstract: New idea for energy-efficient extension for OSPF protocol is presented. New concept is based on Dijkstra’s algorithm, which recalculates shortest path each time, when metric is updated. T 
Article GENE CODIFICATION FOR NOVEL DNA COMPUTING PROCEDURES Abstract: The aim of the paper is to show how the suitable codification of genes can help to the correct resolution of a problem using DNA computations. Genes are the income data of the problem to sol 
Article GLOBAL MEMORY STRUCTURE FOR ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION ALGORITHMS Abstract: Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a computer emergence model to solve problems by swarm intelligence. The aim of this paper is to provide ant colonies with a global memory structure (GMS) so 
Article GLOBAL MEMORY STRUCTURE FOR ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION ALGORITHMS Abstract: Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a computer emergence model to solve problems by swarm intelligence. The aim of this paper is to provide ant colonies with a global memory structure (GMS) so 
Article METHOD FOR CONTROLLING STATE CHANNEL WIRELESS NETWORKS UNDER A PRIORI ... Abstract: A method of monitoring the state of the radio channel using statistical information of the turbo decoder, the use of which in the adaptive system will allow carrying out its restructuring u 
Article MICRORAM: A SIMULATION MODEL OF A COLONY OF BACTERIA EVOLVING INSIDE ... Abstract: MICRORAM is a simulation model in which a colony of bacteria evolves inside an artificial world. The model has the flavor of the classical models of the decades of the 80s and 90s in which  
Article MODELING AND OPTIMIZATION OF CRYOGENIC – OPTICAL GRAVIMETERS Abstract: This paper considers the problem of designing and developing optical-cryogenic devices using optimization techniques, modeling, and new materials. We have shown how to produce reliable YBCO 
Article MODELING, SIMULATION AND APPLICATION OF BACTERIAL TRANSDUCTION IN ... Abstract: At present, all methods in Evolutionary Computation are bioinspired by the fundamental principles of neo-Darwinism, as well as by a vertical gene transfer. Virus transduction is one of the k 
Article PARETO-OPTIMUM APPROACH TO MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF ODOURS IDENTIFICATION ... Abstract: Mathematical model of vapor identification system is developed. Calibrating signals from vapor sensors are used to identify unknown input to vapor sensors and approximate output from eventu 
Article PROBLEM OF RESTORING THE FUNCTIONS-SIGNALS BY FINITE SET OF DATA WITH ERRORS Abstract: This paper researches the problem of restoring the functions-signals which allow a spectral representation by a finite set of data which is corrupted by errors. The authors consider the cas 
Article PROGNOSTICATION OF EFFICIENCY OF MEDICAL AND PROPHYLACTIC ... Abstract: This article is devoted to the questions of prognostication of efficiency medical and prophylactic measures at renewal of the broken equilibrium of human organism by vegetable medications.  
Article REDUCTION MEASUREMENTS FOR CALCULATION IN FUZZY EXPERIMENT SCHEME Abstract: The papers is dedicated to the questions of modeling and basing super-resolution measuringcalculating systems in the context of the conception “device + PC = new possibilities”. By the  
Article SELF-ORGANIZING ROUTING ALGORITHM FOR WIRELESS SENSORS NETWORKS (WSN) USING ... Abstract: This paper describes the basic tools to work with wireless sensors. TinyOShas a component-based architecture which enables rapid innovation and implementation while minimizing code size as r 
Article SIMULATION OF BIOLOGICAL MODELS USING CAD TOOLS: NEEDS AND FUTURE Abstract: In this paper, the main characteristics that are expected from this kind of software and the major tools that can be found at the present time are explained, as well as a proposal of a possi 

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