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Article A METAONTOLOGY FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS OF ACUTE DISEASES. ... Abstract: This article is the final part of the formal description of the metaontology for medical diagnostics in the language of applied logic. It contains a description of the causes of signs’ va 
Article A METAONTOLOGY FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS OF ACUTE DISEASES. ... Abstract: The aim of this article is to describe formally a metaontology for medical diagnostics of acute diseases in the language of applied logic. The article includes an informal description of th 
Article A METAONTOLOGY FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS OF ACUTE DISEASES. PART 2. ... Abstract: This article is the continuation of the formal description of the metaontology for medical diagnostics in the language of applied logic. It contains a description of interrelations between  
Article ABOUT THE MULTI CRITERIA RANGING PROBLEM IN THE FUZZY ENVIRONMENT Abstract: Decision making and technical decision analysis demand computer-aided techniques and therefore more and more support by formal techniques. In recent years fuzzy decision analysis and relate 
Article ALGORITHMS FOR GENERATING OPERATIONAL MODEL OF COMPETENCE BUSINESS GAMES Abstract: In this paper we continue the investigation related to the development of tools for the design and implementation of computer business games, aimed at creating a certain level of competence 
Article ALGORITHMS OF AUTOMATE MODEL CONSTRUCTION FOR BUSINESS GAME EXECUTION SUBSYSTEM Abstract: Changes of professional environment, caused by introduction of new technologies and techniques, create a necessity in continuous education and development of professional competences. In th 
Article AN AGENT-BASED CONCEPT FOR PROBLEM MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TO ENHANCE RELIABILITY Abstract: A defective component in an industrial automation system affects only a limited number of sub functions. However, the affected sub functions often lead to break down of the whole system. Th 
Article AN IDEA OF A COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE BANK ON MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS Abstract: The paper is a description of information and software content of a computer knowledge bank on medical diagnostics. The classes of its users and the tasks which they can solve are described 
Article AN INTELLIGENT SYSTEM FOR INVESTIGATIONS AND PROVISION ... Abstract: Methodology of computer-aided investigation and provision of safety for complex constructions and a prototype of the intelligent applied system, which implements it, are considered. The met 
Article APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE METHODS TO COMPUTER DESIGN ... Abstract: In this paper the main problems for computer design of materials, which would have predefined properties, with the use of artificial intelligence methods are presented. The DB on inorganic  
Article APPLICATION OF MATHEMATICAL INDUCTION FOR INHERITANCE LAW INERPRETATIONS Abstract: The purpose of this article is to obtain simple rule for applying the Inheritance law for the case of (own) brothers/sisters by birth, and/or brothers/sisters uterine or through father. Usi 
Article AUTOMATIZATION OF COMPUTER BUSINESS GAME AUTOMATON MODEL CONSTRUCTION Abstract: This paper suggests an approach, which enables automatization of computer business game automaton model construction. The processes of business game design and conduction occur within the  
Article DATABASE AND KNOWLEDGE BASE AS INTEGRAL PART OF THE INTELLIGENT DECISION ... Abstract: The paper presents the structure of a database and a knowledge base which are the integral part of the Intelligent Decision Support System, being developed for a manufacturing company opera 
Article DYNAMIC INTEGRATED EXPERT SYSTEMS: THE EVOLUTION OF AT-TECHNOLOGY WORKBENCH Abstract: The current state and trends in the area of dynamic intelligent systems are analyzed. The first experimental results obtained in the development of certain provisions and components of the  
Article EMGNEU: MOBILE HEALTH APPLICATION FOR NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS DIAGNOSIS Abstract: Neuromuscular disorders term refers to all diseases that affect nerves and muscles. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease) is one of the most common neurom 
Article FEATURES OF PLANNING TECHNOLOGIES IN COMPUTER-AIDED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ... Abstract: The design principles of the functional subsystem of planning for automatizing management of a crop cultivating agricultural enterprise are shown. Main directions and tasks for the effectiv 
Article INSTANTANEOUS DATABASE ACCESS Abstract: The biggest threat to any business is a lack of timely and accurate information. Without all the facts, businesses are pressured to make critical decisions and assess risks and opportunitie 
Article INTELLIGENT TUTORING SYSTEM FOR BELARUSIAN AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Abstract: The paper presents the concept of an intelligent tutoring system for learning Belarusian as a foreign language. At the heart of the system is a model of learning consisting of the following 
Article METHOD OF CONGLOMERATES RECOGNITION AND THEIR SEPARATION INTO THE PARTS Abstract: The article presents a method of identification and separation of visual objects that partially overlay each other. We also had investigated this method for example cell conglomerates divis 
Article OF LEARNING INTEGRATED EXPERT SYSTEMS IN THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS Abstract: The main principles and experience of development of learning integrated expert systems based on the third generation instrumental complex AT-TECHNOLOGY are considered. Keywords: learnin 
Article OPTIMIZATION OF FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS BASED ON EVOLUTIONARY METHODS Abstract: The formalized raising of task of optimization of structure of the system of the fire monitoring is executed. Objective functions are worked out for apartments with the sources of enhancea 
Article PARAMETRIC IDENTIFICATION FOR FOR MODEL OF A CHEMICAL HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE ... Abstract: The technology of concentration determining for a hazardous chemical substance in the pre-accident period is suggested. As a concentration model was selected neuro-fuzzy network with fuzzy  
Article RESOURCE APPROACH TO DATA MINING BASED ON NETWORK TRAFFIC Abstract: In the presented paper is considered resource approach to intellectual data analyses based on network traffic. A model for calculation of loading on different segments of the network in the 
Article SELF-ORGANIZATION OF FUNCTIONING PROCESS OF EXPERT SYSTEM WITH Annotation: Optimization of design, creation, functioning and accompaniment processes of expert system is the important problem of artificial intelligence theory and decisions making methods techniqu 
Article SOME FEATURES OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT OF EXPERT SYSTEMS USED ... Abstract: In this paper the analysis of the various functions in the view of features of information technology development of expert systems used in Ukraine is given. Keywords: information system 

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