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Category I.2.11 Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Coherence and coordination Intelligent agents Languages and structures Multiagent systems
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Article AGENT ORIENTATION AS A TOOLBOX FOR ORGANIZATIONAL MODELING AND PERFORMANCE ... Abstract: The main goal of the paper is to convince that agent orientation may be considered as a powerful paradigm for organization modeling and the reference architecture for Management Information 
Article AGENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR WEB MINING FROM A NON-EXTENSIVE THERMODYNAMICS PERSPECTI Abstract: Motivated by the works that reveal the small-world effect and scale-free property of various real-life networks, many scientists devote themselves into studying complex networks. One of the 
Article APPLYING THE CONCEPTS OF MULTI-AGENT APPROACH TO THE DISTRIBUTED AUTONOMOUS ... Abstract: The problem of development and application of the multiagent techniques for organizing mobile exploring agents' cooperative behavior is examined. The main problems related to design and ope 
Article A SEMANTIC INDEXING OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS IN OPEN FORMATS Abstract: Currently many issues related to the development of semantic indexing methods remain open. The problem of search pertinence increasing with a low time-complexity is one of the major resear 
Article ADAPTIVE ROUTING AND MULTI-AGENT CONTROL FOR INFORMATION FLOWS IN IP-NETWORKS Abstract: The principles of adaptive routing and multi-agent control for information flows in IP-networks. Keywords: telecommunication system, adaptive quality service, multi-agent control, IP-netw 
Article AGENT-BASED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT WITHIN THE WHOLE LIFECYCLE OF... Abstract: In this paper an approach to using unstructured documents intelligent processing at different stages of information system’s lifecycle is described. When documents are processed it’s sug 
Article AGENT-BASED MODEL OF ECONOMICS: MARKET MECHANISMS, DECISION MAKING, TAXATION Abstract: This paper describes the elaborated agent-based model of functioning of economics. We also include different ways of implementation of main structural components of the model (economic age 
Article AN AGENT–ORIENTED ELECTRONIC MARKETPLACE FOR MODELING AND SIMULATION OF ... Abstract: The main goal of the research that preliminary results have been presented in this paper is to develop an agent–oriented electronic marketplace for modeling and simulation of dynamic pri 
Article APPLYING THE CONCEPTS OF MULTI-AGENT APPROACH ... Abstract: The problem of development and application of the multiagent techniques for organizing mobile exploring agents' cooperative behavior is examined. The main problems related to design and ope 
Article DEVELOPING AGENT INTERACTION PROTOCOLS WITH PRALU Abstract. The purpose of the paper is to explore the possibility of applying existing formal theories of description and design of distributed and concurrent systems to interaction protocols for real 
Article INTEGRATION OF ONTOLOGY RESOURCES INTO OPEN FORMAT DOCUMENTS FOR ... Abstract: The article describes the development of a software library for ontological metadata inclusion into modern office documents formats. The model of the document used for indexing its content  
Article INTELLECTUAL INFORMATION SUPPORT OF BRANCH ENTERPRISE EXECUTIVES’ DECISION MAKIN Abstract: The optimization problem of functioning of the producing similar products enterprise is considered. For its solution proposed multiagent technology, the use of which will make informed deci 
Article MULTIDIMENSIONAL ONTOLOGY OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT AS A BASE OF INFORMATION SYSTEM Abstract: This work presents an approach based on unstructured information retrieving from electronic documents to design and organize information system functioning. Document processing is based on  
Article PROGRAMMING OF AGENT-BASED SYSTEMS Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to explore the possibility of applying the language PRALU, proposed for description of parallel logical control algorithms and rooted in the Petri net formalism f 
Article SELF-ORGANIZING ROUTING ALGORITHM FOR WIRELESS SENSORS NETWORKS (WSN) USING ... Abstract: This paper describes the basic tools to work with wireless sensors. TinyOShas a component-based architecture which enables rapid innovation and implementation while minimizing code size as r 
Article System Analysis of Computational Intelligence Main Trends Abstract: The survey and analysis of new field in AI -computational intelligence (CI) is performed. The main components of CI- technologies, methods and applications are outlined, their interconnecti 
Article TACTICAL MANAGEMENT OF SUPPLY CHAIN WITH AGENT BASED MODELING AND SIMULATION Abstract: Excellence in Supply Chain Management depends on timely and effective translation of market demand into material and products control decisions across Supply Chain. As has been observed man 
Article THE DYNAMIC MODEL OF THE INNOVATION FUNNEL INDICATORS AND THEIR TRAJECTORIES Abstract: The article considers innovation system modeling by the instrumentality of integrated approach. This approach consists of three main parts: differential equation system and stability analys 
Article ИНТЕГРАЦИЯ ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫХ СИСТЕМ НАВИГАЦИИ И УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ДВИЖЕНИЯ ... Аннотация: Обсуждаются проблемы интеграции систем мульти-агентной (групповой) навигации, интеллектуального 
Article ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ОРГАНИЗАЦИОННОЙ МОДЕЛИ OPERA ... Аннотация: В работе описываются основные требования к организационным моделям управления знаниями. Рассмот� 
Article МУЛЬТИ-АГЕНТНОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ И ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬ Аннотация: Обсуждаются проблемы и методы мульти-агентного управления и интеллектуального анализа потоков д� 
Article СОЗДАНИЕ РЕКОМЕНДАЦИОННОЙ СИСТЕМЫ УЧЕБНОГ� Аннотация: В рамках работы исследуются технологии, которые используются для создания рекомендационных сист� 

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