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Cognitive simulation Philosophical foundations
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Article BRIEF ANALYZIS OF TECHNIQUE FOR PRIVACY PRESERVING COMPUTATION Abstract: The privacy preserving computation research area is considered. The problem appear when one party have confidential data and need to do intense computations over that data, and computations 
Article COGNITIVE MODELLING AS THE INSTRUMENT IN THE COURSE OF KNOWLEDGE OF LARGE SYSTEM Abstract: In this report we observe the possibilities offered by cognitive methodology of modeling of complex systems (social and economic, sociotechnical) and the developed software from positions of 
Article CONCEPTUAL IDEA OF IDENTIFICATION OF PATTERNS AND PROBLEM SOLVING ... Abstract: Given cybernetic idea is formed on the basis of neurophysiologic, neuropsychological, neurocybernetic data and verisimilar hypotheses, which fill gaps of formers, of the author as well. Fir 
Article CONSCIOUSNESS: MAGIC, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHYSICS Abstract: In search for new aspects, roots and manifestations of human consciousness, not yet considered extensively by AI researchers, the domain of esotericism was looked at, namely, the phenomenon 
Article CONSCIOUSNESS: MAGIC, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHYSICS Abstract: In search for new aspects, roots and manifestations of human consciousness, not yet considered extensively by AI researchers, the domain of esotericism was looked at, namely, the phenomenon 
Article Enhanced Cart Technologies in Partial Synthetic Data Generation Abstract: This work aims at studying personal data analysis area, when confidentiality property of data is ensured. It is supposed that we are given partially critical social science data and prior t 
Article FORMAL DEFINITION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1 Abstract: A definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was proposed in [1] but this definition was not absolutely formal at least because the word "Human" was used. In this paper we will formalize th 
Article GOD-ICS. ON FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION FIELD QUEST Abstract: Further progress in AI research requires more complete and comprehensive study of information interactions in nature, not confined to psyche and intellect of individuals. One should not igno 
Article INFORMATICS, PSYCHOLOGY, SPIRITUAL LIFE Abstract: How the processes of human perception exert influence on the development of the information science is discussed in the article. ACM Classification Keywords: I.2.0 General: Philosophical 
Article MULTI-MODAL EMOTION RECOGNITION – MORE "COGNITIVE" MACHINES Abstract: Based on several results related to studies on emotions, we suggest that the process of emotionrecognition is assisted by some internal structure of the cognitive images of emotions, which  
Article ON MENTAL REPRESENTATIONS: LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND MEANING REVISED Abstract: Based on results from recent studies in neuroscience, cognitive science, brain imaging and psychology, we develop a model of language faculty. We suggest that the entire brain, all its subn 
Article PARALLEL BETWEEN DEFINITION OF CHESS PLAYING PROGRAM AND DEFINITION OF AI 2 Abstract: In this report we will explain some earlier papers [1, 2] which are about definition of Artificial Intelligence and about perfect AI. The definition of AI is intuitive in [1] and formal in  
Article SECOND ATTEMPT TO BUILD A MODEL OF THE TIC-TAC-TOE GAME 1 Abstract: We want to make a program which can play any game or in other words we want to make AI. It is impossible to include in this program the rules of all games and that is why our program should 
Article SOFTWARE MODEL COGNITIVE VALUE Abstract: An approach for estimation of Software Models (SMs) from Cognitive Science point of view is outlined in the paper. The basic notion of this approach is the new term “Software Model Cognit 
Article SYNTACTIC OPERATIONS – MODELING LANGUAGE FACULTY Abstract: We further develop the self-centered model of mental representations for language with the focus on the mechanisms underlying syntactic calculus and the construction of larger meaningful c 
Article THE ARGUMENT BASED COMPUTATION: SOLVING THE BINDING PROBLEM Abstract: In this paper, we further developed the argument-based model of syntactic operations that is argued to represent the key to basic mental representations. This work concentrates on formal de 
Article TOWARDS THE NOOSPHERE OF INTANGIBLE (ESOTERICISM FROM MATERIALISTIC VIEWPOINT) Abstract: Exploration of intangible world is under the serious influence of esotericism. Mystics, religions, unrestrained use of metaphors, fairy tales, gossips, unverified and uncertified “facts�� 
Article TWO FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS CONNECTED WITH AI 1 Abstract: This paper is about two fundamental problems in the field of computer science. Solving these two problems is important because it has to do with the creation of Artificial Intelligence. In  
Article UNIVERSAL AND DETERMINED CONSTRUCTORS OF MULTISETS OF OBJECTS Abstract: This paper contains analysis of creation of sets and multisets as an approach for modeling of some aspects of human thinking. The creation of sets is considered within constructive object-o 

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