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Article APPLICATION OF THE UNIVERSE THEORY: MODERN GLOBALIZATION IS PROGRESSIVE BUT ... Abstract: For the first time the properties of World human Globalization are deduced in the paper from the most general concepts of our Universe and they are presented in the form of the Universal M 
Article ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND UNRESOLVED SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS Abstract: The connection of the AI problem with the group of actual unresolved scientific problems generated by latent fundamental crisis owing to general nonlegitimacy of modern Science is investigat 
Article MARKET-REQUIRED COMPETENCE TOPIC DYNAMICS Abstract: The Job market is an ever moving and evolving entity. So are the competencies and qualifications it demands of prospective employees. In our previous work we modelled these competencies usi 
Article ONTOLOGICAL MULTILEVEL MODELING LANGUAGE Abstract: This paper presents ontological multilevel modeling language O2ML, aimed at using with metadata driven information systems. The first part of this paper briefly surveys existing modeling la 
Article TECHNOLOGY FOR ONTOLOGICAL ENGINEERING LIFECYCLE SUPPORT 1 Abstract: Presented paper describes software system project ONTOLINGE-KAON that provides technological support for the whole lifecycle of ontological engineering. The main stress is put on the evalua 
Article UPPER BOUND ON RATE-RELIABILITY-DISTORTION FUNCTION FOR SOURCE WITH ... Abstract: Different models of the source with side information can be considered when side information is known to the encoder, the decoder, both of them, none of them. In this paper, we investigate  
Article КОНЦЕПЦИЯ РЕФОРМЫ СИСТЕМЫ НАЦИОНАЛЬНОГО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ ОСНОВАННАЯ НА МЫШЛЕНИИ Резюме: Статья посвящена проблеме современного классического Образования, основанного на знаниях, принципи 
Article РЕФОРМА УКРАИСКОГО НАЦИОНАЛЬНОГО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ, ОСНОВАННАЯ НА МЫШЛЕНИИ Резюме: В статье рассматривается концепция новой модели системы украинского национального образования, осн 

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