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Category C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Centralized networks Circuit-switching networks Distributed networks Frame relay networks ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Network communications Network topology Packet-switching networks Sto
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Article ADAPTIVE ALGORITHM FOR MANAGEMENT BY WEIGHT COEFFICIENTS OF THE TRAFFIC ... bstract: An adaptive algorithm for management by weight coefficients of the traffic in Crossbar commutator is synthesisеd. The algorithm is adaptive because the matrix of weights corresponds to the  
Article AN ESTIMATION OF TIME REQUIRED FOR MODELING OF AN ALGORITHM CALCULATE... Abstract: The problem of calculating a non-conflict schedule by packets commutation in crossbar switch node is one of the foremost problems at the stage of node design. From a mathematical point of v 
Article CLASS OF ALGORITHMS FOR SYNTHESSIS OF NON-CONFLICT SCHEDULE IN COMMUNICATION ... Abstract: In the paper are discussed six algorithms for non-conflict schedule obtaining in the switching nodes of type Crossbar. Comparative analysis of algorithms gives an overview of their potentia 
Article COMPUTER SIMULATION OF MIMA ALGORITHM FOR INPUT BUFFERED CROSSBAR SWITCH Abstract: The investigations for throughput of a new algorithm for computing of non-conflict schedule in crossbar switch node are presented in this paper. By means of Generalized nets (GN) a model of  
Article DIMENSIONING OF TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK BASED ON QUALITY ... Abstract: The aim of this paper is to be determined the network capacity (number of necessary internal switching lines) based on detailed users’ behaviour and demanded quality of service parameters 
Article Efficiency Interval Determination of a Calculation Procedure for Throughput Boun Abstract: The problem connected to computation of non-conflict schedule for crossbar switch node is NPcomplete from mathematical point of view. It is the reason for constantly suggested new algorithm 
Article HIERARCHICAL TWO LAYERS CONTROL COMMUTATOR FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF FULLY ... Abstract: In this paper, an algorithm is developed for a full non-conflict schedule obtained through the activation of diagonals of sub- matrices in switching nodes of type Crossbar. The size of sub  
Article INFORMATIONAL MODELS OF THE ADVANCED SYSTEMS OF RADIOACCESS TO THE TELECOMMUNICA Abstract: Informational models of the advanced systems of radioaccess to the telecommunications networks comparison. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology compared with the 802.1x protocol family.  
Article INTELLIGENT FRAMEWORK FOR RECOMMENDATION OF MOBILE SERVICES TO CONSUMERS Abstract: This paper describes an intelligent framework for the recommendation of mobile services to users, based on a combination of two different approaches. The first one utilizes Wireless Billboa 
Article INTERFERENCE MINIMIZATION IN PHYSICAL MODEL OF WIRELESS NETWORKS Abstract: Interference minimization problem in wireless sensor and ad-hoc networks is considered. That is to assign a transmission power to each node of a network such that the network is connected a 
Article MATHEMATICAL METHODS FOR ANALYSIS OF SOFTWARE-DEFINED NETWORKS Abstract: Methods and mathematical tools for formalization analysis and verification of SoftwareDefined Network protocols are suggested in the paper. E-networks apparatus and linear temporal logics  
Article PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF CALL ADMISSION CONTROL FOR STREAMING ... Abstract: Admission control is a key issue for quality of service (QoS) provisioning in both wired and wireless communication networks. The call admission control (CAC) algorithm needs to know the so 
Article PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF CALL ADMISSION CONTROL FOR STREAMING TRAFFIC WITH ... Abstract: Admission control is a key issue for quality of service (QoS) provisioning in both wired and wireless communication networks. The call admission control (CAC) algorithm needs to know the so 
Article PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EMPIRICAL VALUES IN NETWORK REDIMENSIONING Abstract: A model of an overall telecommunication network with virtual circuits switching, in stationary state, with Bernoulli-Poisson-Pascal (BPP) input flow, repeated calls, limited number of homog 
Article SEMANTIC CONSTRUCTION OF UNIVOCAL LANGUAGE Abstract: In this paper a solution is propose to organize the space of words that exist in a specific language in their different semantic categories. By taking a natural language, we're going to de 
Article STEPS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFORMATION NETWORKS’ USER MODEL AS BADLY ... Abstract: Steps of an information networks’ creating through the formalization of one of their most important input parameters are proposed in the article. Stages of collecting information about use 
Article THE MATRIX METHOD OF DETERMINING THE FAULT TOLERANCE DEGREE ... Abstract: This work presents a theoretical-graph method of determining the fault tolerance degree of the computer network interconnections and nodes. Experimental results received from simulations of 
Article TRAFFIC OFFERED BEHAVIOUR REGARDING TARGET QOS PARAMETERS ... Abstract: We consider a model of overall telecommunication network with virtual circuits switching, in stationary state, with Poisson input flow, repeated calls, limited number of homogeneous termina 
Article USER-CENTRIC AND CONTEXT-AWARE ABC&S Abstract: The evolving Always Best Connected and best Served (ABC&S) communication paradigm is addressed in this paper. The goal is to propose aspects of a novel vision together with the consequenti 
Article АНАЛИЗ ЭФФЕКТИВНОСТИ АЛГОРИТМОВ РЕЗЕРВИРО� Аннотация: В работе проведен анализ алгоритмов установления канала связи в сети с оптической коммутацией бл� 
Article ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ ВЕРХНЕЙ ГРАНИЦЫ ПРОПУСКНОЙ СП Аннотация: Задача вычисления бесконфликтного расписания коммутации пакетов в коммуникационных узлах с мат� 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА ИМИТАЦИОННОЙ МОДЕЛИ ДЛЯ ОПТИМИЗАЦИИ ФУНКЦИОНИРОВАНИЯ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ... Аннотация: В работе предложен возможный подход к созданию имитационной модели сети с оптической коммутацие 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА МОДЕЛИ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ СЕТЕЙ КАК ПЛОХОФОРМАЛИЗОВАННОГО... Аннотация: предложен подход к созданию модели пользователя информационных сетей путем формализации одного  

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