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Article COMPETENCE–BASED SUPPORT OF INTERACTION ... Abstract: In a complicated business network finding a supplier can be a very time consuming task. The technology of competence management is aimed to support such kind of tasks. The paper presents an 
Article EVOLUTION BY CHOICE IN ONTOLOGIES Abstract: Blindly copying and mimicking evolutionary processes in animated nature along with well developed mathematical models for them looses its base, the inevitable evolution looses its meaning. I 
Article INTELLIGENT FRAMEWORK FOR RECOMMENDATION OF MOBILE SERVICES TO CONSUMERS Abstract: This paper describes an intelligent framework for the recommendation of mobile services to users, based on a combination of two different approaches. The first one utilizes Wireless Billboa 
Article SYNTHESIS METHODS OF MULTIPLE-VALUED STRUCTURES ... Abstract: The basic construction concepts of many-valued intellectual systems, which are adequate to primal problems of person activity and using hybrid tools with many-valued of coding are considere 
Article МУЛЬТИАГЕНТНЫЙ ИНТЕРФЕЙС ДЛЯ ДОСТУПА К ОНТ� Аннотация: В работе проанализированы принципы построения распределенных интеллектуальных информационных � 

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