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Category B.6.3 Design Aids

Automatic synthesis Hardware description languages Optimization Simulation Switching theory Verification
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Article MULTIPLE FOLDING OF VLSI REGULAR STRUCTURE VIA BOOLEAN SATISFIABILITY Abstract: The problem under consideration is to reduce the area of the layout of regular VLSI structures by means of their folding. A novel reformulation of the folding problem as the Boolean satisfi 
Article OPTIMIZING PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC ARRAYS USING THE SIMULATED ANNEALING ALGORITHM Abstract: In the paper the programmable logic array (PLA) topological optimization problem is dealt with using folding techniques. A PLA folding algorithm based on the method of simulated annealing is 
Article Program Invariants Generation over Polynomial Ring using Iterative Methods. Abstract: A solution for program polynomial invariant generation problem is presented. An iteration upper approximation method that was successfully applied on free algebras in this paper was adopted  
Article SCALAR CHOICE CRITERIA'S USAGE FOR DETERMINATION OF THE OPTIMUM SWITCHING ... Abstract: An approach to the optimum switching scheme‚Äôs choice is proposed. It is based on the scalar choice criteria. Problem of the multistage switching system's structure's determination is solv 
Article SIMPLE CONSTRAINED FOLDING OF PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC ARRAYS OF SPECIAL TYPE Abstract: In the paper the constrained folding problem is investigated for programmable logic array (PLA) of special architecture type. Constraints applied to folding are given which are imposed by t 
Article SOME ASPECTS OF CHOICE OF SWITCHING SCHEME FOR CONSTRUCTION OF OPTICAL ... Abstract: Some aspects of choice of switching scheme for optical signals' square switching system's construction of big capacity are considered in the work. Variant based on scalar criteria of choic 

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