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Computer-aided design (CAD) Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
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Article CALCULATING OF RELIABILITY PARAMETERS OF MICROELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND ... Abstract: Today together with actual designing and tests it is often used virtual methods of designing, which support prior calculations of parameters of the developed devices. Such parameters includ 
Article DEVELOPING OF DISTRIBUTED VIRTUAL LABORATORIES FOR SMART SENSOR SYSTEM ... Abstract: In the article it is considered preconditions and main principles of creation of virtual laboratories for computer-aided design, as tools for interdisciplinary researches. Virtual laborator 
Article DISTRIBUTED VIRTUAL LABORATORIES FOR SMART SENSOR SYSTEM DESIGN Abstract: In the article it is considered preconditions and main principles of creation of virtual laboratories for computer-aided design, as tools for interdisciplinary researches. An important featu 
Article INFORMATION-ANALYTICAL SYSTEM FOR DESIGN OF NEW INORGANIC COMPOUNDS Abstract: The principles of design of information-analytical system (IAS) intended for design of new inorganic compounds are considered. IAS includes the integrated system of databases on properties  
Article ON THE FEASIBILITY OF STEERING SWALLOWABLE MICROSYSTEM CAPSULES ... Abstract: Swallowable capsule endoscopy is used for non-invasive diagnosis of some gastrointestinal (GI) organs. However, control over the position of the capsule is a major unresolved issue. This st 
Article PROBLEM AND MATHEMATICAL MODELS FOR RESCUE TECHNICS ACQUISITION Abstract: In this paper the problem decision technology for resque technics acquisition with use multiobjective optimization, method of the variant's consecutive analysis and evolutionary modeling is 
Article SELF-ORGANIZING MAP AND CELLULAR AUTOMATA COMBINED TECHNIQUE ... Abstract: This paper presents a technique for building complex and adaptive meshes for urban and architectural design. The combination of a self-organizing map and cellular automata algorithms stands 
Article SIMULATION OF BIOLOGICAL MODELS USING CAD TOOLS: NEEDS AND FUTURE Abstract: In this paper, the main characteristics that are expected from this kind of software and the major tools that can be found at the present time are explained, as well as a proposal of a possi 
Article SYSTEMS OF TEACHING ENGINEERING WORK ON BASE OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES Abstract: the presentation graphical information about physical processes in WEB Keywords: physical effect, WEB, dynamic picture ACM Classification Keywords: J.6 Computer-Aided Engineering, Comp 
Article THE INTELLIGENT PRINCIPLE OF VIRTUAL LABORATORIES FOR COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN ... Abstract: A distinguish principle for Virtual Laboratories for Computer Aided Design of Smart Sensor Systems (VLCAD-SSS) is proposed. This is the “intelligence” of the VLCAD-SSS. This principle i 
Article ИДЕНТИФИКАЦИЯ ВРЕМЕНИ РАСПРОСТРАНЕНИЯ... Аннотация: В статье рассмотрены вопросы идентификации времени распространения пожара на основе сети TSK. Кл� 
Article ПЕРСПЕКТИВНЫЕ НАПРАВЛЕНИЯ РАЗВИТИЯ ... Аннотация: Рассматриваются проблемы создания и применения автоматизированных систем. Особое внимание удел� 

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