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Article ON THE FEASIBILITY OF STEERING SWALLOWABLE MICROSYSTEM CAPSULES USING ... Abstract: Swallowable capsule endoscopy is used for non-invasive diagnosis of some gastrointestinal (GI) organs. However, control over the position of the capsule is a major unresolved issue. This stu 
Article WIRELESS COMMUNICATION AND CONTROL SYSTEM FOR PORTABLE ... Abstract: This study is a continuation of the development of the “Electronic Mosquito,” a minimally-invasive blood sampling and analysis device. Wireless communication is a pivotal feature of the  
Article About estimate of fuzzy differential equations distribution Abstract: In the article the methods of estimation of solution’s distribution for a new class of uncertain differential equations which contain a possibilistic process in right part are developed.  
Article ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION OF SYNTHETIC APERTURE ULTRASOUND ... Abstract: An effective aperture approach is used as a tool for analysis and parameter optimization of mostly known ultrasound imaging systems - phased array systems, compounding systems and synthetic 
Article ANALYSIS OF DERMATOGLYPHIC SIGNS FOR DEFINITION PSYCHIC FUNCTIONAL ... Abstract: Relation between dermatoglyphic signs and temperaments types is considered. An algorithm for papillary patterns classification and Izenk’s two factors model are used for establishment rel 
Article APPLICATION OF FIBER-OPTICAL MODULATORS AS MEASURING DEVICES IN ... Abstract: The article is devoted to application of optical devices based on tensosensitive properties of liquid crystals for gathering physical data of biological objects in bioinformatics researches 
Article APPLICATION OF NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES FOR DEVELOPMENT ... Abstract: In this article the medical data-advisory web-resource developed by authors is considered. This resource allows carrying out information interchange between consumers of medical services an 
Article APPLICATION OF THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ALGORITHMS FOR SYSTEM ANALYSIS ... Abstract: The polyparametric intelligence information system for diagnostics human functional state in medicine and public health is developed. The essence of the system consists in polyparametric de 
Article AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR QUANTIFYING THE LEVEL OF PREPARATION IN COLONOSCOPY Abstract: Colonoscopy is the gold standard method for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC). It detects the first clinical manifestation of CRC, known as polyps. One night prior to a colonoscopy  
Article BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES STUDIES THROUGH SOFTWARE TOOLS:... Abstract: In this paper is aim to design a new software tool that allows to create synthetic biology complex systems and genetic circuit designs, as well as to carry out the development of these model 
Article CHARACTERIZATION OF A CUFF-BASED SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY (SMA) ACTUATOR Abstract: This article proposes a novel cuff-based microactuator for automatic blood extraction using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology. It aims to provide an actuator solution for an electronic m 
Article DATA ACQISITION SYSTEMS FOR PRECISION FARMING Abstract: In the article it is described two structures of data acquisition systems, which are based on the family of portable devices "Floratest" and suitable for using in precision farming. Keyw 
Article EXPLORATION BY MEANS OF COMPUTER SIMULATION OF NONLINEAR HIERARCHICAL ... Abstract: Results of numerical experiments are introduced. Experiments were carried out by means of computer simulation on olfactory bulb for the purpose of checking of thinking mechanisms conceptual 
Article GEOMETRIC APPROACH FOR GAUSSIAN-KERNEL BOLSTERED ERROR ESTIMATION... Abstract: Classification and feature selection techniques are among the most commonly used mathematical approaches for analysis and interpretation of biological data. One of the important characteris 
Article GROUND OF MODEL FOR THE GENERALIZED CRITERION FORMING AT ... Abstract: The basic methods of decisions making in multi-criterion conditions are considered, from which the method of the weighed total for calculation of diagnostic indexes significance in differen 
Article HISTOLOGY IMAGE SEGMENTATION Abstract: In this article, a technique for the segmentation of the components of histological images will be explained. To be able to do a study about the various microscopic components of the animal  
Article IT-COMMUNICATORS FOR MEDICINE Abstract: Relationships and communication between doctors and patients is a very important problem in medicine. Analysis of possible interrelated directions of development and application of communic 
Article KIRLIAN IMAGE PREPROCESSING DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM Abstract: The information technology of Kirlian images preprocessing is developed for decision making support in the telemedicine diagnostic system. Particularly, the image preprocessing includes the  
Article MODEL CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH USING SYSTEM COMPOSITIONAL ... Abstract: System compositional approach to model construction and research of informational processes, which take place in biological hierarchical neural networks, is being discussed. A computer tool 
Article MULTILEVEL SENSOR NETWORKS FOR PRECISION FARMING AND ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Abstract: Plants as all alive suffer from impacts of natural or anthropogenic stress factors. Creation of wireless smart biosensors and wireless sensor networks on their base for express-diagnostic o 
Article ON THE DISCRETIZATION OF DISTANCE GEOMETRY PROBLEMS Abstract: Distance geometry consists of finding an embedding of a weighted undirected graph in Rn. Since some years, we are working on suitable discretizations for this problem. Because of the discre 
Article PORTABLE BIOSENSOR: FROM IDEA TO MARKET Abstract: In the article it is described the family of portable biosensors for express-diagnostics of plant state developed in V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics from scientific idea to serial pr 
Article PORTABLE DEVICE "FLORATEST" AS TOOL FOR ESTIMATING OF MEGALOPOLIS ECOLOGY STATE Abstract: Portable device "Floratest" for express-diagnostic of plant state, which is developed in the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is considered 
Article PORTABLE DEVICE "FLORATEST" AS TOOL FOR ESTIMATING OF MEGALOPOLIS ECOLOGY STATE Abstract: Portable device "Floratest" for express-diagnostic of plant state, which is developed in the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is considered 
Article REMOTE SMART BIOSENSORS FOR PRECISION FARMING AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Abstract: In the article features of new portable biosensor devices of "Floratest" family for express-diagnostics of plant state in real time mode are described. The devices are developed and created 

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