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Category I.6.5 Model Development

Modeling methodologies
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Article A GRAPH MODEL OF SHOCKED FINANCIAL SYSTEM Abstract: We applied mathematical modeling in order to understand the behavior of the banking system as a network infrastructure. Based on graph modeling, we developed program modules for simulating  
Article AGENT-BASED MODEL OF ECONOMICS: MARKET MECHANISMS, DECISION MAKING, TAXATION Abstract: This paper describes the elaborated agent-based model of functioning of economics. We also include different ways of implementation of main structural components of the model (economic age 
Article AN APPROACH TO BUSINESS PROCESSES REENGINEERING BASED ON INTEGRATION OF ... Abstract: An approach to reengineering business processes through the integration of the domain specific modeling platform and Process Mining tools is described. An analysis of the existing approach 
Article AN APPROACH TO REPRESENTING THE PROCESS OF INFORMATION BUSINESS MODELING Abstract: The compact and visualized documenting of information business modeling is a major prerequisite for comprehending its basic concepts, as well as for its effective application and improvemen 
Article APPLICATION OF SOME CYBERNETIC MODELS IN BUILDING INDIVIDUAL EDUCATIONAL ... Abstract. The individual educational trajectory (IET) is a medium-term didactic complex that provides optimal opportunities for developing the creative potential of the learner by taking into account 
Article COGNITIVE APPROACH IN CASTINGS’ QUALITY CONTROL Abstract: Every year production volume of castings grows, especially grows production volume of non-ferrous metals, thanks to aluminium. As a result, requirements to castings quality also increase. Fo 
Article COMPUTER MODELING FOR MODERN BUSINESS Abstract: Improving management systems is getting more and more important and topical, as the organizational structure of modern society consists of many features, peculiarities, relations, and is co 
Article ELECTROMAGNETISM: INTERACTION OF SIMULATION AND REAL LAB EXPERIMENT Abstract: eLearning at universities is taking an increasingly larger part of academic teaching methodologies. In part this is caused by different pedagogical concepts behind interactive learning syst 
Article FUZZY EXPECTED VALUE MODEL WITH INSPECTION ERRORS AND TWO LEVEL OF TRADE ... Abstract: In this paper economic order quantity model with two level of trade credit in one replenishment cycle, time value of money, inspection errors, planned backorders, and sales returns is offer 
Article GENERALIZATION OF DISTRIBUTING METHODS FOR FUZZY PROBLEMS Abstract: We consider rationing problem as a group decision making problem. Fuzzy and crisp generalizations of the classical rationing methods are proposed. The proposed generalizations are illustrat 
Article GOD-ICS. ON FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION FIELD QUEST Abstract: Further progress in AI research requires more complete and comprehensive study of information interactions in nature, not confined to psyche and intellect of individuals. One should not igno 
Article MODERN BUSINESS MODELING APPROACHES AND TOOLS FOR MANAGEMENT Abstract: Improving management systems is getting more and more important and topical, as the organizational structure of modern society consists of many features, peculiarities, relations, and is con 
Article NEURAL NETWORKS FOR MODELLING OF LARGE SOCIAL SYSTEMS. ... Abstract. It is consider the new global models for society of neuronet type. The hierarchical structure of society and mentality of individual are considered. The way for incorporating in model antic 
Article STEPS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFORMATION NETWORKS’ USER MODEL AS BADLY ... Abstract: Steps of an information networks’ creating through the formalization of one of their most important input parameters are proposed in the article. Stages of collecting information about use 
Article АНАЛИЗ ЭФФЕКТИВНОСТИ АЛГОРИТМОВ РЕЗЕРВИРО� Аннотация: В работе проведен анализ алгоритмов установления канала связи в сети с оптической коммутацией бл� 
Article МЕТОДЫ И МОДЕЛИ ПРОГНОЗИРОВАНИЯ ЭЛЕКТРОПОТ Abstract: В работе исследуется ряд существующих в отечественной и зарубежной практике подходов к моделированию  
Article ОБОБЩЕНИЯ ПРИНЦИПОВ РАСПРЕДЕЛЕНИЯ ЗАТРАТ Д Abstract: Рассматривается задача распределения затрат как задача коллективного принятия решений. Предлагаются � 
Article ПОСТРОЕНИЮ МОДЕЛИ «ДЕМОКРАТИЧЕСКОГО КАПИТАЛИЗМА» Аннотация: В работе предлагается экономико-математическая модель «демократического» капитализма, в которо 
Article ПРОГНОЗИРОВАНИЕ ДИНАМИКИ ПОПОЛНЕНИЯ ФОНДО� Abstract: Development of rational strategies of supplementing reserves in a system of oil funds is an actual problem. A model that may assist to oil experts elaborate such strategy for system of oil f 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА ИМИТАЦИОННОЙ МОДЕЛИ ДЛЯ ОПТИМИЗАЦИИ ФУНКЦИОНИРОВАНИЯ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ... Аннотация: В работе предложен возможный подход к созданию имитационной модели сети с оптической коммутацие 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА МОДЕЛИ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ СЕТЕЙ КАК ПЛОХОФОРМАЛИЗОВАННОГО... Аннотация: предложен подход к созданию модели пользователя информационных сетей путем формализации одного  

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