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Category I.5.3 Clustering

Algorithms Similarity measures
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Article ADAPTIVE GUSTAFSON-KESSEL FUZZY CLUSTERING ALGORITHM BASED ON ... Abstract: The Gustafson-Kessel fuzzy clustering algorithm is capable of detecting hyperellipsoidal clusters of different sizes and orientations by adjusting the covariance matrix of data, thus overco 
Article EVOLUTIONARY CLUSTERING OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES Abstract: In a paper the method of complex systems and processes clustering based use of genetic algorithm is offered. The aspects of its realization and shaping of fitness-function are considered. T 
Article INTELLIGENT ANALYSIS OF MARKETING DATA Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to present and evaluate the possibility of using the methods and tools of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining to analyze marketing data needed to support d 
Article MULTI-VARIANT PYRAMIDAL CLUSTERING AND ANALYSIS HIGH-DIMENSIONAL DATA Abstract: In this work an example of multi-variant clustering is presented. The problems to be solved are described and multi-variant clustering based on pyramidal multi-layer multi-dimensional stru 
Article ON A METHOD OF MULTI-ALGORITHMIC CLASSIFICATION Abstract: In this paper the calculating estimates model, based on a system of logical regularities to solve the supervised classification problem is considered. A method of determining the weighting  
Article PARTITION METRIC FOR CLUSTERING FEATURES ANALYSIS Abstract: A new distance function to compare arbitrary partitions is proposed. Clustering of image collections and image segmentation give objects to be matched. Offered metric intends for combinatio 
Article USING THE AGGLOMERATIVE METHOD OF HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERING ... Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to explain the notion of clustering and a concrete clustering methodagglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm. It shows how a data mining method like clus 
Article КЛАСТЕРИЗАЦИЯ НЕПОЛНЫХ ДАННЫХ Abstract: В работе рассматриваются различные подходы к решению задач кластеризации данных при наличии в них проп 

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