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Category I.5.2 Design Methodology

Classifier design and evaluation Feature evaluation and selection Pattern analysis
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Article TECHNOLOGY OF CLASSIFICATION OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS BASED ON THE THEORY ... Abstract: Technology of classification of electronic documents based on the theory of disturbance of pseudoinverse matrices was proposed. Keywords: classification, training sample, a pseudoinverse 
Article A COMPARISON OF SOME APPROACHES TO THE RECOGNITION PROBLEMS IN CASE OF TWO ... Abstract: We consider an improved model of the empirical risk minimization problem and its continuous relaxation. The continuous relaxation of the formulated problem is compared with the mathematical 
Article GENETIC BASED SPOT DETECTION METHOD IN TWO-DIMENSIONAL ELECTROPHORESIS IMAGES Abstract: The image analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis images is a difficult task were authors were not able to find any other work in the literature handling with evolutionary computation in 
Article GEOMETRIC APPROACH FOR GAUSSIAN-KERNEL BOLSTERED ERROR ESTIMATION... Abstract: Classification and feature selection techniques are among the most commonly used mathematical approaches for analysis and interpretation of biological data. One of the important characteris 
Article NON SMOOTH OPTIMIZATION METHODS IN THE PROBLEMS OF CONSTRUCTING A LINEAR ... Abstract: We consider the technique using nonsmooth optimization methods for pattern recognition problems. The results of numerical experiments of comparison of the proposed approach with support vec 
Article ON THE QUALITY OF DECISION FUNCTIONS IN PATTERN RECOGNITION Abstract: The problem of decision functions quality in pattern recognition is considered. An overview of the approaches to the solution of this problem is given. Within the Bayesian framework, we sug 
Article Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Recognition System Using Fussy ... Abstract: The paper is devoted to the development of the new online handwritten mathematical expressions recognition system. The paper presents the recognition method to the handwritten symbols using 
Article PRODUCT QUALITY ANALYSIS USING SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINES Abstract: This paper presents an exploratory study of the effectiveness of support vector machines in the prediction of a product quality based on its characteristics. The study answers the following 
Article RECOGNITION ON FINITE SET OF EVENTS: BAYESIAN ANALYSIS ... Abstract: The problem of recognition on finite set of events is considered. The generalization ability of classifiers for this problem is studied within the Bayesian approach. The method for non-unif 
Article SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINES FOR CLASSIFICATION OF MALIGNANT AND BENIGN LESIONS Abstract: This paper presents an exploratory study of the effectiveness of support vector machines used as a tool for computer-aided breast cancer diagnosis. We explore the discriminatory power of het 
Article ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ FRIS-ФУНКЦИЙ ДЛЯ РЕШЕНИЯ ЗАДАЧ� Аннотация: Рассматривается задача структуризации избыточного набора информации, выявления основных законо 
Article МЕТОД ВЫДЕЛЕНИЯ ЗНАЧИМЫХ ДАННЫХ НА ИЗОБРАЖ� Аннотация: Глаукома – это болезнь глаза, причиной которой является повышение внутриглазного давления. Если  
Article ОНЛАЙН РАСПОЗНАВАНИЕ РУКОПИСНЫХ МАТЕМАТИЧ� Аннотация: рассматривается разработанный алгоритм структурного анализа для онлайн распознавания рукописны 
Article ПОСТРОЕНИЕ НЕЛИНЕЙНЫХ КЛАССИФИКАТОРОВ В СЛ Abstract: Рассматриваются задачи построения нелинейных классификаторов для случая многих классов. Для произвол� 
Article “AVO-POLYNOM” RECOGNITION ALGORITHM Abstract: Estimates Calculating Algorithms have a long story of application to recognition problems. Furthermore they have formed a basis for algebraic recognition theory. Yet use of ECA polynomials  

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