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Article ADAPTIVE CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA USING NEURO-FUZZY KOHONEN NETWORK Abstract: The clustering problem for multivariate observations often encountered in many applications connected with Data Mining and Exploratory Data Analysis. Conventional approach to solving these p 
Article ADAPTIVE FUZZY PROBABILISTIC CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA Abstract: in the paper new recurrent adaptive algorithm for fuzzy clustering of data with missing values is proposed. This algorithm is based on fuzzy probabilistic clustering procedures and self-lea 
Article ADAPTIVE GUSTAFSON-KESSEL FUZZY CLUSTERING ALGORITHM BASED ON ... Abstract: The Gustafson-Kessel fuzzy clustering algorithm is capable of detecting hyperellipsoidal clusters of different sizes and orientations by adjusting the covariance matrix of data, thus overco 
Article AN APPROACH TO COLLABORATIVE FILTERING BY ARTMAP NEURAL NETWORKS Abstract: Recommender systems are now widely used in e-commerce applications to assist customers to find relevant products from the many that are frequently available. Collaborative filtering (CF) is 
Article Automated Building Extraction System Applied On High Resolution Satellite ... Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of the new Automated Building Extraction system applied on High Resolution Satellite Imagery, which is based on an object-oriented approach and sof 
Article Bankruptcy risk forecasting under uncertainty with application of fuzzy Abstract: The problem of corporations’ bankruptcy risk forecasting under uncertainty is considered in this paper. The application of neo-fuzzy cascade neural networks is suggested. The experimental 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF CLASS LEVEL DESCRIPTION FOR EFFICIENT RECOGNITION OF ... Abstract: Many artificial intelligence problems are NP-complete ones. To increase the needed time of such a problem solving a method of extraction of sub-formulas characterizing the common features o 
Article CONVOLUTION NETWORKS AS A METHOD OF REALISATION OF CUSTOMS RISK-MANAGEMENT Abstract: The paper discusses the theoretical aspects of the mathematical model of convolutional neural networks as a means of classifying the information was not originally a graphic of origin. The  
Article CROP STATE AND AREA ESTIMATION IN UKRAINE BASED ON REMOTE AND INSITU ... Abstract: This paper highlights the current state on establishing a network of test sites in Ukraine within the Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) project of the Global Earth 
Article EFFICIENT SIMULATION FOR PROLOG IMPLEMENTATION OF IMAGE RECOGNITION PROBLEM Abstract: Pattern recognition problem using properties of parts of a recognizable objects and relations between them is NP-hard. That is why quick recognition of an object with many elements is a dif 
Article EVALUATING MISCLASSIFICATION PROBABILITY USING EMPIRICAL RISK1 Abstract: The goal of the paper is to estimate misclassification probability for decision function by training sample. Here are presented results of investigation an empirical risk bias for nearest n 
Article FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT BASED ON GEOSPATIAL DATA Abstract: The problem statement of disaster risk assessment, based on heterogeneous information (from satellites and in-situ data, and modelling data) is proposed, the problem solving method is groun 
Article FUZZY ARTMAP NEURAL NETWORKS FOR COMPUTER AIDED DIAGNOSIS Abstract: The economic and social values of breast cancer diagnosis are very high. This study explores the predictive abilities of Fuzzy ARTMAP neural networks for breast cancer diagnosis. The data u 
Article FUZZY SETS AS A MEAN FOR UNCERTAINTY HANDLING: MATH, APPLIED MATH, HEURISTICS Abstract: Number of Disciplines and Theories changed their status from status of Natural Science discipline to Mathematics. The Theory of Probability is the classical example of that kind. The main pr 
Article FUZZY SETS: ABSTRACTION AXIOM, STATISTICAL INTERPRETATION, OBSERVATIONS ... Abstract: The issues relating fuzzy sets definition are under consideration including the analogue for separation axiom, statistical interpretation and membership function representation by the condi 
Article FUZZY SETS: MATH, APPLIED MATH, HEURISTICS? PROBLEMS AND INTERPRETATIONS Abstract: Number of Disciplines and Theories changed their status from status of Natural Science discipline to Mathematics. The Theory of Probability is the classical example of that kind. The main p 
Article HIGH-PERFORMANCE INTELLIGENT COMPUTATIONS ... Abstract: In this paper we present different approaches to multi-source data integration for the solution of complex applied problems, in particular flood mapping and vegetation state estimation using 
Article INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OF PROCESSING INFORMATION OF THE CUSTOMS CONTROL Abstract: The paper considers the issues and highlighted the development of information technology processing of information of customs control, which uses effective methods and tools to identify ris 
Article INTELLIGENCE ALGORITHMS FOR INCREASING NAVIGATION SYSTEMS ACCURACY Abstract: Application of neural network algorithm for increasing the accuracy of navigation systems are showing. Various navigation systems, where a couple of sensors are used in the same device in d 
Article INTELLIGENT ANALYSIS OF MARKETING DATA Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to present and evaluate the possibility of using the methods and tools of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining to analyze marketing data needed to support d 
Article JOINT STUDY OF VISUAL PERCEPTION MECHANISM AND COMPUTER VISION SYSTEMS THAT ... Abstract: Aspects of visual perception mechanism and pattern recognition methods are examined jointly. Latest results from neurophysiology in studying the visual system of living beings are discussed 
Article LOGIC BASED PATTERN RECOGNITION - ONTOLOGY CONTENT (1) 1 Abstract: Pattern recognition (classification) algorithmic models and related structures were considered and discussed since 70s: – one, which is formally related to the similarity treatment and so 
Article MATRIX “FEATURE VECTORS” IN GROUPING INFORMATION PROBLEM: LINEAR ... Abstract: The problem of classification, clusterization or patterns recognition is one the manifestation of grouping information problem (GIP) in applied researching. It involves, beside mentioned abo 
Article MODEL FOR ASTRONOMICAL DATING OF THE CHRONICLE OF HYDATIUS: ... Abstract: This article presents the details and the results of the application of a 'soft' model for astronomical dating of the seven eclipses mentioned in the Chronicle of Hydatius, for the time in 
Article ON A METHOD OF MULTI-ALGORITHMIC CLASSIFICATION Abstract: In this paper the calculating estimates model, based on a system of logical regularities to solve the supervised classification problem is considered. A method of determining the weighting  

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