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Article APPROXIMATION OF EXPERIMENTAL DATA BY BEZIER CURVES Abstract: Very often the experimental data are the realization of the process, fully determined by some unknown function, being distorted by hindrances. Treatment and experimental data analysis are su 
Article DIGITAL ART AND DESIGN Abstract: The desire to create unique things and give free rain to one's imagination served as a powerful impetus to the development of digital art and design software. The commoner was the use of co 
Article MATRIX FEATURE VECTORS AND HU MOMENTS IN GESTURE RECOGNITION Abstract: This paper covers usage of matrix feature vectors and Hu moments in recognition of tactile sign language. The paper also provides comparative characteristic of both approaches and a variant 
Article MATRIX FEATURE VECTORS IN SPEECH AND GESTURE RECOGNITION Abstract: This paper draws parallels between speech recognition of one speaker on a limited set of words and recognition of tactile sign language. The paper also provides variant of formation of feat 
Article STANDARDIZATION OF GEOMETRICAL CHARACTERISTICS IN GESTURE RECOGNITION Abstract: This paper covers approach to obtaining geometrical characteristics, in particular defects, for gesture shown in front of web camera. Variant of standardization of defect`s structure is su 

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