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Article CLUSTERING IN THE SPACE OF INDEPENDENT COMPONENTS AS A TOOL FOR REVEALING ... Abstract: This paper introduces a new method for analyzing time-series of stock market indexes (Dow Jones, NASDAQ etc) in order to reveal the quantitative level of their interference. In literature,  
Article ESTIMATION OF THE INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVENESS OF COMPANIES USING MULTIPLES ... Abstract: The article is devoted to the issue of using financial multipliers to estimate the value of a company. In our research we identified the industries that account for more than 50% of Gross D 
Article INTELLIGENT ANALYSIS OF MARKETING DATA Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to present and evaluate the possibility of using the methods and tools of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining to analyze marketing data needed to support d 
Article J. FORRESTER’S MODEL OF WORLD DYNAMICS AND ITS DEVELOPMENT (REVIEW) Abstract: At far 1970 the elite Roman Club asked prof. J. Forrester from MIT to develop a model of world dynamics. Speaking world dynamics we mean the dynamic interactivity of the main macro economica 
Article SMOOTHING AND PROGNOSIS OF MULTI-FACTOR TIME SERIES OF ECONOMICAL DATA ... Abstract: Smoothing and prognosis belong to the main problems, which we deal with when process various time series. Unlike the typical approaches related with lineal regression on polynomial and trig 

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