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Category I.2.5 Programming Languages and Software

Expert system tools and techniques
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Article A HYBRID INTELLIGENT CLASSIFIER FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF PATHOLOGY ON THE ... Abstract: The use of Machine Learning (ML) techniques is already widespread in Medicine Diagnosis. The use of these techniques helps increasing the efficiency of human diagnostic, which is significant 
Article A WEB-SYSTEM FOR COMPUTER EXPERIMENTS IN THE FIELD OF PROGRAM TRANSFORMATIONS Abstract: The paper presents basic notions and scientific achievements in the field of program transformations, describes usage of these achievements both in the professional activity (when developin 
Article AN INTEGRATED FRAMEWORK OF DESIGNING A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR ... Abstract: The paper describes a framework of decision support system for engineering predictive maintenance for civil engineering. The proposed framework integrates traditional decision support syste 
Article ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPROACH TO DIABETES DIAGNOSTICS Abstract: In this paper a concept of designing and building intelligent system in diabetes diagnostic is introduced. The way of the expert, classifying the input data system (symptoms) for four types 
Article CASE-BASED REASONING TOOLS FROM SHELLS TO OBJECT-ORIENTED FRAMEWORKS Abstract: A Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) tool is software that can be used to develop several applications that require cased-based reasoning methodology. CBR shells are kind of application generators  
Article DYNAMIC INTEGRATED EXPERT SYSTEMS: THE EVOLUTION OF AT-TECHNOLOGY WORKBENCH Abstract: The current state and trends in the area of dynamic intelligent systems are analyzed. The first experimental results obtained in the development of certain provisions and components of the  
Article INFORMATION TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM BASED ON MAPPING OF ... Abstract: The paper develops and illustrates an approach to transformation of information represented as graph structures. It also provides the conceptual information transformation system based on ma 
Article LINGUISTIC AND PROGRAM TOOLS FOR DEBUGGING AND TESTING OF SIMULATION MODELS ... Abstract: This paper focuses on the problem of validation and verification of computer network simulation models. Authors propose to use special linguistic and program tools of CAD system TriadNS in  
Article METHODS OF ADAPTIVE EXTRACTION AND ANALYSIS OF KNOWLEDGEFOR KNOWLEDGE-BASE ... Abstract: An approach for knowledge extraction from the information arriving to the knowledge base input and also new knowledge distribution over knowledge subsets already present in the knowledge ba 
Article PRINCIPLES OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTERACTIVE QUERY EXPERT SYSTEMS Abstract: This paper describes the principles for the development of interactive query or question-answer expert systems (ES) in the Multi Studio software environment in Multi (the universal language) 
Article SPECIALIZED SHELLS OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS FOR DOMAINS WITH COMPLICATED ... Abstract: The paper covers the properties of domains with complicated structures and describes information and program components of shells of intelligent systems for such domains, defines all the pr 
Article SPECIALIZED SHELLS OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS FOR DOMAINS ... Abstract: The paper covers the properties of domains with complicated structures and describes information and program components of shells of intelligent systems for such domains, defines all the pr 
Article THE EXPERIENCE OF THE AGENT-BASED SIMULATION SYSTEM DEVELOPING Abstract: This paper discusses the problems of the agent-based simulation system design. It is well known that agent models extend the capabilities of simulation for solving some problems that can’ 
Article UPGRADABLE TREE-LEVEL EDITOR OF METAONTOLOGIES, ONTOLOGIES AND KNOWLEDGE ... Abstract: Development of upgradable tree-level editor of metaontologies, ontologies and knowledge for a chemistry intellectual system is described. A fragment of multilevel chemistry ontology is given 
Article ЛИНГВИСТИЧЕСКИЕ И ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫЕ ИНСТРУ� Abstract: В работе представлен симулятор компьютерных сетей TRIADNS. Широко используемая в настоящее время распред� 
Article ОNTOLOGICAL APPROACH TO A CONSTRUCTION OF THE SIMULATION SYSTEM FOR ... Abstract: This paper discusses the problem of simulation system constructing for the specific domain. Authors suggest using the ontological approach. The simulation system TriadNS is considered. This 

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