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Article EVOLUTIONARY TECHNIQUE OF SHORTER ROUTE DETERMINATION OF FIRE BRIGADE Abstract: In this paper the technique of shorter route determination of fire engine to the fire place on time minimization criterion with the use of evolutionary modeling is offered. The algorithm of 
Article FEATURES OF PLANNING TECHNOLOGIES IN COMPUTER-AIDED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ... Abstract: The design principles of the functional subsystem of planning for automatizing management of a crop cultivating agricultural enterprise are shown. Main directions and tasks for the effectiv 
Article FUZZY NEURAL NETWORKS FOR EVALUATING THE CREDITWORTHINESS OF THE BORROWERS Abstract: The problem of assessing the creditworthiness of the borrower is considered. The application of fuzzy neural networks for this problem solution, fuzzy neural networks TSK and Mamdani was s 
Article METRIC BASED RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS Abstract: Information overload and an abundance of choices create situations where selecting one option becomes extremely difficult or even worse, a guessing game. Collaborative ranking systems addre 
Article PROBLEM AND MATHEMATICAL MODELS FOR RESCUE TECHNICS ACQUISITION Abstract: In this paper the problem decision technology for resque technics acquisition with use multiobjective optimization, method of the variant's consecutive analysis and evolutionary modeling is 
Article USING OF PROCESS ONTOLOGIES FOR DECISION SUPPORT IN INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ... Abstract: The use of ontologies for data mining and knowledge discovery in databases is proposed by many researchers. In this paper it is proposed to use a lot of data collected in the information sy 
Article ИДЕНТИФИКАЦИЯ ВРЕМЕНИ РАСПРОСТРАНЕНИЯ... Аннотация: В статье рассмотрены вопросы идентификации времени распространения пожара на основе сети TSK. Кл� 
Article ИДЕНТИФИКАЦИЯ ОЦЕНКИ ПРОТИВОПОЖАРНОГО СОС� Аннотация: В статье рассмотрены задачи идентификации оценки противопожарного состояния объ- ектов, использ� 
Article МЕТОДЫ И МОДЕЛИ ПРОГНОЗИРОВАНИЯ ЭЛЕКТРОПОТ Abstract: В работе исследуется ряд существующих в отечественной и зарубежной практике подходов к моделированию  
Article ЭВОЛЮЦИОННАЯ ПАРАДИГМА КАК УНИВЕРСАЛЬНЫЙ И Аннотация: В статье рассмотрены составляющие элементы методологии прогнозирования, в ос- нове которой лежит 

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