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Category H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval

Clustering Information filtering Query formulation Relevance feedback Retrieval models Search process Selection process
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Article BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN HUMAN LANGUAGE AND COMPUTER-ORIENTED REPRESENTATIONS Abstract: Information can be expressed in many ways according to the different capacities of humans to perceive it. Current systems deals with multimedia, multiformat and multiplatform systems but an 
Article BUILDING THE LIBRARY CATALOG SEARCH MODEL BASED ON THE FUZZY SIMILARITY ... Abstract: We describe our approach to building the model of the search in libraries’ catalogues based on the fuzzy similarity relation. To construct the model we carried out an experimental search 
Article DATA AND METADATA EXCHANGE REPOSITORY USING AGENTS IMPLEMENTATION Abstract: For implementation of an intelligent data and metadata exchange repository the intelligent agent oriented approach has been selected. In this work the conceptual structure and interaction p 
Article DATABASE SERVER USAGE IN THE SOCIAL NETWORKS ANALYSIS Abstract: In the field of computer science, topics regarding analysis of social networks grows more and more popular. It stems from the fact that the knowledge hidden in connections between people mi 
Article DISTANCE MATRIX APPROACH TO CONTENT IMAGE RETRIEVAL Abstract: As the volume of image data and the need of using it in various applications is growing significantly in the last days it brings a necessity of retrieval efficiency and effectiveness. Unfor 
Article DISTANCE MATRIX APPROACH TO CONTENT IMAGE RETRIEVAL Abstract: As the volume of image data and the need of using it in various applications is growing significantly in the last days it brings a necessity of retrieval efficiency and effectiveness. Unfort 
Article Facts extraction from the semi-structured text information Abstract: Fact extraction from the text is one of the most important areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Majority of existing approaches allows extracting facts from structured textual infor 
Article IMPLEMENTATION OF DICTIONARY LOOKUP AUTOMATA FOR UNL ANALYSIS AND GENERATION Abstract: In this paper we present some research results and propose solutions for natural language string lookup techniques. In particular a fast method is suggested for searching dictionary entries 
Article INTELLECTUAL SEARCH ENGINE OF ADEQUATE INFORMATION IN INTERNET FOR CREATING ... Abstract: Modern Web is more comparable to boundless universe of information. Sometimes it is very difficult to find relevant information in Web because of a variety of information and "unfair play"  
Article LOGIC-LINGUISTIC MODEL OF FACT GENERATION FROM TEXT STREAMS OF CORPORATE... Abstract: This paper proposes a logical-linguistic model extracting semi-structured facts in English texts. To identify the fact some entities expressed by lexical units as well as semantic relations 
Article NEAREST NEIGHBOR SEARCH AND SOME APPLICATIONS Abstract: The problem of finding of nearest neighbors from the data set for a given query is considered. The important applications for different data types when the NN algorithms may be applied are 
Article REGIONS OF SUFFICIENCY FOR METRICAL DATA RETRIEVAL Abstract: In this paper the fast metrical search for large scaled and poor structured databases using objects eliminating from the consideration without calculating the distance between them and query 
Article SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE AND INTELLECTUAL DATABASE OF PEOPLE Abstract: Social networks are the core of modern Web. Nowadays almost every person have pages in several social networks. Social networks are very structured, so it is possible to make advanced queri 
Article Solution of the Problem of Formal Evaluation of Effectiveness of ... Abstract: The traditional approach (the comparison with a "reference" result) for evaluating quality of the technology to identify knowledge extracted from text arrays is badly applicable out of a ne 
Article SYSTEM OF INTELLIGENT SEARCH, CLASSIFICATION AND DOCUMENT SUMMARISATION FOR INTE Abstract: The article presents a description of alleged approaches to the implementation of data processing subsystem on Internet portal. Main problems are connected with exponential growth in number 
Article THE SYSTEM OF MULTILINGUAL TEXT DATA PROCESSING ON THE BASE OF THE MODIFIED ... Abstract: The article describes the architecture and principles of work of the developed system of automated processing of large volumes of textual information. The system is based on the modificatio 
Article ИНФОРМАЦИОННАЯ ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ СЕМАНТИЧЕСКИ ОРИЕНТИРОВАННЫХ МЕТОДОВ ... Аннотация: Как правило, для того чтобы принять верное бизнес решение, необходимо прогнозировать изменения н 
Article ЛОГИКО-ЛИНГВИСТИЧЕСКАЯ МОДЕЛЬ ИЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ ФАКТОВ ИЗ СЛАБОСТРУКТУРИРОВАННОЙ ... Аннотация: Одним из перспективных направлений информационного поиска является фактографический поиск и ра 
Article МЕТОДЫ АВТОМАТИЗИРОВАННОГО ДИСКУРСИВНОГО � Abstract: в данной работе рассматриваются методы автоматизированного дискурсивного анализа и описывается струк 

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