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Article ADVANCED DECISION MAKING FUNCTIONS AND SOME METHODS OF INFORMATION ... Abstract: New organizational and algorithmic instruments in the area of municipal (and regional) management are described. There is a brief overview of such tools as effective methods of quantitative 
Article ABOUT THE PROBLEM OF DEVELOPMENT OF MESSAGES STREAM MODEL IN THE CONVERGENT ... Annotation: Differences between calls stream and messages stream are formulated. Problem statement of development of the mathematical model of messages streams circulating in the convergent telecommu 
Article AN INFORMATION MODEL FOR PENSION FUND MANAGEMENT Abstract: In this paper the issues of Ukrainian new three-level pension system are discussed. First, the paper presents the mathematical model that allows calculating the optimal size of contribution 
Article Analysis of Usage of Throughput as a Parameter of Quality of Service of ... Abstract: Analyzed impact of throughput on demands satisfaction of users of different services with different types of information transmition with the purpose to include throughput in a number of qu 
Article BRIEF ANALYZIS OF TECHNIQUE FOR PRIVACY PRESERVING COMPUTATION Abstract: The privacy preserving computation research area is considered. The problem appear when one party have confidential data and need to do intense computations over that data, and computations 
Article DECISION OF PROBLEM OF CHOICE ON SET OF TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS' STREAMS'... Abstract: Decision of problem of choice on set of mathematical models of telecommunication networks' streams is presented. By means of comparison of alternatives – calls' streams' models used in t 
Article DYNAMIC INTER-BRANCH BALANCE WITH ADVANCED ARGUMENT (THE DISCRETE CASE) Abstract: In this paper, we propose a discrete model of the dynamic inter-branch balance with advanced argument, which takes into account the time lag of construction and commissioning of new capacit 
Article Enhanced Cart Technologies in Partial Synthetic Data Generation Abstract: This work aims at studying personal data analysis area, when confidentiality property of data is ensured. It is supposed that we are given partially critical social science data and prior t 
Article INFORMATION FLOWS ENHANCEMENT FOR AIS TOURISM AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEM Abstract: This article put emphasis on the issue of information system efficiency in tourism, as a tool of defining the level of domestic and inbound tourism growth. The necessity of information syst 
Article METHODS FOR SOLVING OF SOME TASKS WITHIN THE PROBLEM OF OPTIMAL SYNTHESIS ... Annotation: Possible methods for solving particular problems arising from the decomposition of the problem of optimal synthesis of information networks in the course of their evolution are considered 
Article MODELING AND CONTROL OF LYAPUNOV EXPONENTS IN A COUPLED MAP LATTICE Abstract: We describe a control method based on optimization techniques to control of spatiotemporal chaos in a globally coupled map lattice (CML) system. We have developed a method for updating a C 
Article MODELING AND OPTIMIZATION OF CRYOGENIC – OPTICAL GRAVIMETERS Abstract: This paper considers the problem of designing and developing optical-cryogenic devices using optimization techniques, modeling, and new materials. We have shown how to produce reliable YBCO 
Article OPTIMISATION OF ROUTE-PLANNING UNDER INDEFINITE RISK CONDITIONS Abstract: This paper describes an algorithm of data transformation with a view to provide support for the decision maker. The aim of the paper is to develop a multi-purpose algorithm of building sets 
Article OPTIMIZATION OF CONNECTION’S STRUCTURE OF REMOTELY-OPERATED ... Abstract: The abstract model of information network's evolution's process is considered. Three classes of equipment's types on the network are specified. Classification of information network's stru 
Article SOME METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO THE PROBLEM OF "UNDERSTANDING THE UNDERSTANDIN Summary: Certain methodological questions of description and research such a complex object (and process!) as “comprehention/understanding” are described: the levels, structure, mechanisms of co 
Article THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE PROCESS OF PROVIDING GOVERMENT SERVICES IN MULTIFUNCTIONA Abstract: This paper solves the problem of the efficiency of multifunctional centers providing services (MFC) in Russia. It is used the method of process modeling and improvement to business-processe 
Article The Method of the Ensurance of Structural Survivability of Telecommunication Net Summary: One of the most important properties of telecommunication networks to ensure their effective functioning is survivability. To ensure the survivability of telecommunication networks it’s re 
Article THEORETIC-EXPERIMENTAL MULTICRITERIA METHOD FOR NEURAL NETWORK ... Abstract: The problem state and multicriteria optimization procedure of neural network classifier’s architecture is considered. The scalar convolution of criteria with nonlinear trade-off scheme is 
Article Using Decision Theory Methods to Optimize the Access Networks Synthesis Process Abstract: Using the methods of the theory of decision-making to optimize the synthesis of access networks. Analyzed the synthesis of access networks and the use of decision theory for optimization.  
Article VIRTUAL EXPOSITIONS MODELING IN THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE Abstract: In this paper we discuss the process of virtual exposition modeling for the folklore domain. Two folklore information systems are chosen as a source of the content – the Bulgarian folklor 
Article АНАЛИЗ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ МОДЕЛИ БАЛАНСНЫХ СЕТЕЙ ПРИ ПРОЕКТИРОВАНИИ ... Аннотация: в связи с долговременным и трудоемким процессом проектирования сетей доступа, предлагается авто 
Article ВЫБОР СЦЕНАРИЯ СОЗДАНИЯ СЕТИ ДОСТУПА Аннотация: Рассмотрена структура и варианты построения перспективных сетей доступа. Проанализированы зада 
Article ЗАДАЧА ВЫБОРА ТОПОЛОГИЧЕСКОЙ СТРУКТУРЫ СЕТИ ДОСТУПА Аннотация: показаны причины, определяющие сложность и нетривиальность задачи синтеза сетей доступа и предл 
Article КАЧЕСТВО УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫМИ УСЛУГАМИ В СЕТЯХ ПОСЛЕДУЮЩЕГО ... Аннотация: Выполненные исследования относятся к области проектирования интеллектуальной надстройки в сетя 
Article МЕТОД ОПИСАНИЯ ИЗМЕНЕНИЯ КОЛИЧЕСТВА ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЕЙ ТЕЛЕКОММУНИКАЦИОННОЙ СЕТИ Аннотация: предложен поход к разработке математической модели, адекватно описывающей изменение требований  

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