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Article BUILDING DATA WAREHOUSES USING NUMBERED INFORMATION SPACES Abstract: An approach for organizing the information in the data warehouses is presented in the paper. The possibilities of the numbered information spaces for building data warehouses are discussed. 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF MORPHOSYNTACTIC DISTANCE ON SEMANTIC STRUCTURES Abstract: When a natural language is introduced in a computer we have several problems to automate it, this is because it is difficult to make a computer relate concepts in a rich and always changing 
Article LARGE VLSI ARRAYS – POWER AND ARCHITECTURAL PERSPECTIVES Abstract: A novel approach to power reduction in VLSI arrays is proposed. This approach includes recognition of the similarities in architectures and power profiles of different types of arrays, adap 
Article LOGARITHMIC DISTANCES IN GRAPHS Abstract: The walk distances in graphs are defined as the result of appropriate transformations of the P1 k=0(tA)k proximity measures, where A is the weighted adjacency matrix of a graph and t is a 
Article MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MAP/REDUCE AND COLLECT/REPORT PARADIGMS Abstract: This article presents main differences between Map/Reduce (MRP) and Collect/Report (CRP) paradigms. The most important difference is that in MRP the calculations and data must be all compl 
Article MEMBRANE STRUCTURE SIMPLIFICATION Abstract: Idempotent operators are one of the possible criterions for simplification trees. These operators act over internal nodes of trees. Moreover, they transform structural equivalent sub-trees 
Article REPRESENTING TREE STRUCTURES BY NATURAL NUMBERS Abstract: Transformation of data structures into natural numbers using the classical approach of gödelization process can be a very powerful tool in order to encode some properties of data structures 
Article SEMANTIC CONSTRUCTION OF UNIVOCAL LANGUAGE Abstract: In this paper a solution is propose to organize the space of words that exist in a specific language in their different semantic categories. By taking a natural language, we're going to de 
Article КОГНИТИВНАЯ СЕМИОТИКА В ПРОЦЕССАХ ... Abstract: Анализируется понятие когнитивной семиотики. Определяется структура этого понятия. Рассматриваются о� 
Article ЦЕЛОСТНОСТЬ ОБРАЗОВ: О МОДЕЛИРОВАНИИ СМЫСЛА И ПОНИМАНИЯ Abstract: Анализируются свойства неполноты и целостности структур знаний в интеллектуальных системах. Рассматр 

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