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Category D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques

Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) Decision tables Evolutionary prototyping Flow charts Modules and interfaces Object-oriented design methods Petri nets Programmer workbench Software libraries State diagrams Structured progra
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Article ALGEBRA DESCRIBING SOFTWARE STATIC MODELS Abstract: Algebra, describing software static models that are represented as the UML-diagrams of classes packages and components is presented in this paper. The major constituents of the algebra, whic 
Article AN APPROACH TO BEHAVIORAL SOFTWARE MODELS ANALYTICAL REPRESENTATION Abstract: According to standard UML 2.5 Behavioral Software Models (BSMs) are UML diagrams that represent software behavior [UML 2.5, 2012]. An approach of BSM analytical representation is proposed  
Article BUSINESS PROCESSES MODELLING WITH DSM PLATFORM AT INTEGRATED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Abstract: The first and most labor-consuming stage of information systems development is an analysis stage. At this stage the set of different formal models describing systems domains, different aspe 
Article DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMBINED METHOD FOR DESIGNING DATAFLOW SYSTEMS Abstract: The methods of designing of information systems for large organizations are considered in the paper. The structural and object-oriented approaches are compared. For the practical realizatio 
Article EXPERIENCES ON APPLICATION GENERATORS Abstract: The National Institute for Statistics is the organism responsible for acquiring economical data for governmental statistics purposes. Lisbon agreements establish a framework in which this a 
Article FRAMEWORK FOR CREATING SINGLE INFORMATION WINDOWS Abstract: We consider a software development and support of single information window, which is a web-based software system. Describe the architecture of the system. Attention is focused on the use of 
Article IMPLICATIONS OF RECENT TRENDS IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS ON MODELING ... Abstract: With this paper we would like to trigger a discussion on future needs of modeling and simulation techniques and tools for the telecommunication industry. We claim that the telecommunication 
Article INTELLIGENT FRAMEWORK FOR RECOMMENDATION OF MOBILE SERVICES TO CONSUMERS Abstract: This paper describes an intelligent framework for the recommendation of mobile services to users, based on a combination of two different approaches. The first one utilizes Wireless Billboa 
Article METHOD OF BEHAVIORAL SOFTWARE MODELS SYNCHRONIZATION Abstract: A method of behavioral software models synchronization is represented in this paper. Implementing this method behavioral software models, which are changed after communication with customer 
Article METHOD OF DOMAIN MODELS DESIGNING Abstract: Method of domain models designing is proposed in this paper. Domain models are represented as class diagrams. Initial information for domain models designing contains both analytical repres 
Article MILIEU-M: VISUAL MANIPULATION AND PROGRAMMING FOR MULTI-MEMBRANES. Abstract: In the context of membrane computing, the new notion of multi-membrane was introduced where the junction of membranes is used together with the inclusion of membranes. In multi-membranes a  
Article THE APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS AND EVOLUTIONARY ... Abstract: The authors have undertaken a research task with a view to apply of evolutionary algorithms and artificial neural network to design of the course of a gas nitriding process, which guarantee 
Article THE APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS AND EVOLUTIONARY ALGORITHM FOR ... Abstract: The authors have undertaken a research task with a view to apply of evolutionary algorithms and artificial neural network to design of the course of a gas nitriding process, which guarantee 
Article THE APPLICATION OF GRAPH MODEL FOR AUTOMATION THE APPLICATION OF GRAPH MODEL FOR AUTOMATION OF THE USER INTERFACE CONSTRUCTION Elena Kudelko Abstract: The ability of automatic graphic user interface construction is described. It is based on  
Article USER-CENTRIC AND CONTEXT-AWARE ABC&S Abstract: The evolving Always Best Connected and best Served (ABC&S) communication paradigm is addressed in this paper. The goal is to propose aspects of a novel vision together with the consequenti 
Article ИНСТРУМЕНТАЛЬНЫЙ СЕРВИС ДЛЯ СОЗДАНИЯ ВИРТУ Абстракт: В работе описываются технологии реализации программного инструментального комплекса для разрабо� 
Article ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛИЗАЦИЯ ЭКСПЕРТНЫХ СИСТЕМ С ПОМ Аннотация: В данной работе разработана методология построения онтологических экспертных систем с использов 
Article КОНЦЕПЦИЯ РАЗРАБОТКИ ДИАГНОСТИЧЕСКИХ КОМП� Аннотация: В данной работе представлена общая концепция разработки диагностических компьютерных тренажеро 
Article ПРОБЛЕМЫ СОЗДАНИЯ ЖИЗНЕСПОСОБНЫХ ИНТЕЛЛЕК� Abstract: В данной работе рассматриваются новые идеи, связанные с созданием жизнеспособных интеллектуальных сис 
Article СОЗДАНИЕ СПЕЦИАЛИЗИРОВАННОЙ ПОИСКОВОЙ СИС� Абстракт: В статье сделан обзор основных технологий, которые могут быть использованы при построении поисков� 
Article ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ СОЗДАНИЯ ДОКУМЕНТ-ОРИЕНТИРОВАННЫХ СИСТЕМ, ОСНОВАННЫХ ... Abstract: Описывается подход к созданию динамически адаптируемых информационных систем (ИС), основанный на испо 

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