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Article A "CROSS-TECHNOLOGY" SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Abstract: Contemporary web-based software solutions are usually composed of many interoperating applications. Classical approach is the different applications of the solution to be created inside one 
Article ACCESS RIGHTS INHERITANCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONTROLLED BY METADATA Abstract: All information systems have to be protected. As the number of information objects and the number of users increase the task of information system’s protection becomes more difficult. One 
Article ARCHITECTURE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF REPORTING MEANS IN ADAPTIVE Abstract: This article describes architecture and implementation of subsystem intended for working with queries and reports in adaptive dynamically extended information systems able to dynamically ex 
Article BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES STUDIES THROUGH SOFTWARE TOOLS:... Abstract: In this paper is aim to design a new software tool that allows to create synthetic biology complex systems and genetic circuit designs, as well as to carry out the development of these model 
Article COMPLEX PROTECTION SYSTEM OF METADATA-BASED DISTRIBUTED Abstract: A description of architecture and approaches to the implementation of a protection system of metadatabased adaptable information systems is suggested. Various protection means are examined. 
Article DATA INDEPENDENCE IN THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NUMBERED INFORMATION SPACES Abstract: The concept of data independence designates the techniques that allow data to be changed without affecting the applications that process it. The different structures of the information base 
Article DESIGN STANDARDIZED WEB-COMPONENTS FOR E-LEARNING Abstract: In this paper a flexible approach to design LMS with QTI Ready component based on the e-Learning standards AICC and IMS QTI is described. This system and component permits a dynamic learnin 
Article IMPLEMENTATION OF DISTANT LEARNING PORTALS BASED ON ... Abstract: The paper describes an approach to the development of software aimed at the creation of distant learning portals integrated with education support and educational institution management sys 
Article MULTIAGENT SYSTEM FOR SMART DOCUMENT ANALYSIS Abstract: In the article you can find an intermediate outcomes for the complex approach to implementation of development electronic document management subsystem in the CASE-system METAS. The system m 
Article SOFTWARE TESTING AND DOCUMENTING AUTOMATION Abstract: This article describes some approaches to problem of testing and documenting automation in information systems with graphical user interface. Combination of data mining methods and theory o 
Article SYSTEMOLOGICAL BUSINESS MODELLING FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Abstract: One of the effective ways of the representation and analysis of the high level-purposes and business requirements to the information program system is modelling of a context of the system f 

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