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Article A CIRCUIT IMPLEMENTING MASSIVE PARALLELISM IN TRANSITION P SYSTEMS Abstract: Transition P-systems are based on biological membranes and try to emulate cell behavior and its evolution due to the presence of chemical elements. These systems perform computation throu 
Article A HIERARCHICAL ARCHITECTURE WITH PARALLEL COMUNICATION ... Abstract: Membrane systems are computational equivalent to Turing machines. However, its distributed and massively parallel nature obtain polynomial solutions opposite to traditional non-polynomial o 
Article ADVERGAMES: OVERVIEW Abstract: Advergame is a new marketing concept that has appeared due to the fact that young people are always connected to the Internet, are using mobile services such as SMS and MMS, or are chatting 
Article DELIMITED MASSIVELY PARALLEL ALGORITHM BASED ON RULES ELIMINATION Abstract: In the field of Transition P systems implementation, it has been determined that it is very important to determine in advance how long takes evolution rules application in membranes. Moreov 
Article HW IMPLEMENTATION OF A OPTIMIZED ALGORITHM FOR THE APPLICATION ... Abstract: P systems or Membrane Computing are a type of a distributed, massively parallel and non deterministic system based on biological membranes. They are inspired in the way cells process chemic 
Article PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION Abstract: Main styles, or paradigms of programming – imperative, functional, logic, and object-oriented – are shortly described and compared, and corresponding programming techniques are outlined 
Article RESEARCHING FRAMEWORK FOR SIMULATING/IMPLEMENTATING P SYSTEMS Abstract: Researching simulation/implementation of membranes systems is very recent. Present literature gathers new publications frequently about software/hardware, data structures and algorithms f 
Article VARIETIES OF BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION: A MOLECULAR RECOGNITION APPROACH TO ... Abstract: Bioinformatic and systems biology developments should be accompanied not only by a plethora of computer tools, but also by an in-depth reflection on the distinctive nature of biological inf 
Article ПРОБЛЕМЫ СОЗДАНИЯ ЖИЗНЕСПОСОБНЫХ ИНТЕЛЛЕК� Abstract: В данной работе рассматриваются новые идеи, связанные с созданием жизнеспособных интеллектуальных сис 

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