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Category B.8.1 Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance

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Article IMAGE SENSORS IN SECURITY AND MEDICAL APPLICATIONS ... Abstract: This paper briefly reviews CMOS image sensor technology and its utilization in security and medical applications. The role and future trends of image sensors in each of the applications are 
Article PARAMETRIC IDENTIFICATION AND DIAGNOSIS OF INTEGRATED ... Abstract: Growth of complexity and functional importance of integrated navigation systems (INS) leads to high losses at the equipment refusals. The paper is devoted to the INS diagnosis system develo 
Article RESEARCH OF ACCURACY OF GUARANTEED OPERAYTING TIME PREDICTION BY FRACTILE ... Abstract: This paper describes a method of forecasting the guaranteed operating time using the quantile zones. There are presented an equations and graphics for calculations of the guaranteed time op 
Article THE INFORMATION-ANALYTICAL SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSTICS ... Abstract: The operation of technical processes requires increasingly advanced supervision and fault diagnostics to improve reliability and safety. This paper gives an introduction to the field of fau 
Article TWO-LEVEL GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES RECONFIGURATION Abstract: The article considers the problem of programmable logic device reconfiguration after a failure of logic elements. The task is relevant to areas such as space exploration and important indus 

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