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Category B.4.4 Performance Analysis and Design Aids

Formal models Simulation Verification Worst-case analysis
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Article AN ESTIMATION OF TIME REQUIRED FOR MODELING OF AN ALGORITHM CALCULATE... Abstract: The problem of calculating a non-conflict schedule by packets commutation in crossbar switch node is one of the foremost problems at the stage of node design. From a mathematical point of v 
Article COMPUTER SIMULATION OF MIMA ALGORITHM FOR INPUT BUFFERED CROSSBAR SWITCH Abstract: The investigations for throughput of a new algorithm for computing of non-conflict schedule in crossbar switch node are presented in this paper. By means of Generalized nets (GN) a model of  
Article Efficiency Interval Determination of a Calculation Procedure for Throughput Boun Abstract: The problem connected to computation of non-conflict schedule for crossbar switch node is NPcomplete from mathematical point of view. It is the reason for constantly suggested new algorithm 
Article ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ ВЕРХНЕЙ ГРАНИЦЫ ПРОПУСКНОЙ СП Аннотация: Задача вычисления бесконфликтного расписания коммутации пакетов в коммуникационных узлах с мат� 

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