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Article ANALYSIS AND JUSTIFICATION FOR SELECTION PARAMETERS OF WIRED ACCESS SYSTEMS Abstract: The executed researches belong to area of design of perspective access networks. Work is devoted to the analysis of parameters of access networks and a choice of the most significant among  
Article BI – SUPPORTING THE PROCESSES OF THE ORGANIZATION'S KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Abstract. The main goal of BI systems is to provide the access for the users to crucial information connected with the tools they use every day. It allows to take more relevant decisions, share knowle 
Article BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AS A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM Abstract. Nowadays, we are bombarded with information which has an immense influence on our decisions. It is more and more difficult to use it effectively. BI systems are very helpful. They support e 
Article INFORMATION MODELS OF CUSTOMERS IN CRM AND E-CRM SYSTEMS Abstract: The following article deals with customer personality in the CRM systems. Its innovatory approach consists in the method of segmentation performed according to one of psychological factors  
Article METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF INTERRELATION BETWEEN ACCESS NETWORK ... Annotation: The paper is dedicated to the solving of the task of analyzing the access networks parameters and to the determination of correlations between them. Considering the network total cost as  
Article METHODS FOR SOLVING OF SOME TASKS WITHIN THE PROBLEM OF OPTIMAL SYNTHESIS ... Annotation: Possible methods for solving particular problems arising from the decomposition of the problem of optimal synthesis of information networks in the course of their evolution are considered 
Article STEPS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFORMATION NETWORKS’ USER MODEL AS BADLY ... Abstract: Steps of an information networks’ creating through the formalization of one of their most important input parameters are proposed in the article. Stages of collecting information about use 
Article THE ESTIMATION OF LEVEL OF READINESS OF UKRAINE FOR INFORMATION SOCIETY ... Abstract: This paper is devoted to the theoretical comprehension of role and status of information society and information economy in modern society as well as to the estimation of level of informati 
Article THE MANAGEMENT OF PATIENT INFORMATION IN POLISH HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to comprehensively characterize the implementation and the current use of electronic health records (EHRs) in Poland. The paper presents the conception of the ma 
Article The Method of the Ensurance of Structural Survivability of Telecommunication Net Summary: One of the most important properties of telecommunication networks to ensure their effective functioning is survivability. To ensure the survivability of telecommunication networks it’s re 
Article ВЫБОР СЦЕНАРИЯ СОЗДАНИЯ СЕТИ ДОСТУПА Аннотация: Рассмотрена структура и варианты построения перспективных сетей доступа. Проанализированы зада 
Article ЗАДАЧА ВЫБОРА ТОПОЛОГИЧЕСКОЙ СТРУКТУРЫ СЕТИ ДОСТУПА Аннотация: показаны причины, определяющие сложность и нетривиальность задачи синтеза сетей доступа и предл 
Article КАЧЕСТВО УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫМИ УСЛУГАМИ В СЕТЯХ ПОСЛЕДУЮЩЕГО ... Аннотация: Выполненные исследования относятся к области проектирования интеллектуальной надстройки в сетя 
Article МЕТОД ОПИСАНИЯ ИЗМЕНЕНИЯ КОЛИЧЕСТВА ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЕЙ ТЕЛЕКОММУНИКАЦИОННОЙ СЕТИ Аннотация: предложен поход к разработке математической модели, адекватно описывающей изменение требований  
Article ПОВЫШЕНИЕ СТРУКТУРНОЙ ЖИВУЧЕСТИ ТЕЛЕКОММУНИКАЦИОННОЙ СЕТИ Аннотация: Представлен метод повышения структурной живучести телекоммуникационной сети путем реконфигура 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА МОДЕЛИ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ СЕТЕЙ КАК ПЛОХОФОРМАЛИЗОВАННОГО... Аннотация: предложен подход к созданию модели пользователя информационных сетей путем формализации одного  
Article УПРАВЛЕНИЕ КАЧЕСТВОМ УСЛУГ В ТЕЛЕКОММУНИКАЦИОННЫХ СЕТЯХ Аннотация: В работе рассмотрены особенности управления в телекоммуникационных сетях в условиях возрастающ 

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