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Category I.7.2 Document Preparation

Desktop publishing Format and notation Hypertext/hypermedia Index generation Languages and systems Markup languages Multi/mixed media Photocomposition/typesetting Scripting languages Standards
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Article AGENT-BASED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT WITHIN THE WHOLE LIFECYCLE OF... Abstract: In this paper an approach to using unstructured documents intelligent processing at different stages of information system’s lifecycle is described. When documents are processed it’s sug 
Article IMPLEMENTATION OF DICTIONARY LOOKUP AUTOMATA FOR UNL ANALYSIS AND GENERATION Abstract: In this paper we present some research results and propose solutions for natural language string lookup techniques. In particular a fast method is suggested for searching dictionary entries 
Article INTEGRATION OF ONTOLOGY RESOURCES INTO OPEN FORMAT DOCUMENTS FOR ... Abstract: The article describes the development of a software library for ontological metadata inclusion into modern office documents formats. The model of the document used for indexing its content  
Article MULTIDIMENSIONAL ONTOLOGY OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT AS A BASE OF INFORMATION SYSTEM Abstract: This work presents an approach based on unstructured information retrieving from electronic documents to design and organize information system functioning. Document processing is based on  
Article ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ СОЗДАНИЯ ДОКУМЕНТ-ОРИЕНТИРОВАННЫХ СИСТЕМ, ОСНОВАННЫХ ... Abstract: Описывается подход к созданию динамически адаптируемых информационных систем (ИС), основанный на испо 

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