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Category I.6.8 Types of Simulation

Animation Combined Continuous Discrete event Distributed Gaming Monte Carlo Parallel Visual
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Article INDIVIDUAL-OPTIMUM EQUILIBRIUMS IN GAMES WITH FUSSY PURPOSES OF PLAYERS Abstract: The notion of fuzzy individual-optimal equilibrium, where every player is considering the interests of fuzzy set of other players, was defined. The notion of a union of fuzzy set of clear  
Article LINGUISTIC AND PROGRAM TOOLS FOR DEBUGGING AND TESTING OF SIMULATION MODELS ... Abstract: This paper focuses on the problem of validation and verification of computer network simulation models. Authors propose to use special linguistic and program tools of CAD system TriadNS in  
Article STATISTICAL MODELING OF SPREAD OF OPTICAL FIELDS IN FIRES Abstract: Application of Monte-Carlo method for determination of optical radiation flow density of forest fires in a cloudless atmosphere with dependence on optic-geometrical parameters of surface’ 
Article THE EXPERIENCE OF THE AGENT-BASED SIMULATION SYSTEM DEVELOPING Abstract: This paper discusses the problems of the agent-based simulation system design. It is well known that agent models extend the capabilities of simulation for solving some problems that can’ 
Article ЛИНГВИСТИЧЕСКИЕ И ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫЕ ИНСТРУ� Abstract: В работе представлен симулятор компьютерных сетей TRIADNS. Широко используемая в настоящее время распред� 
Article МЕТОДОЛОГИЧЕСКИЕ ПРИНЦИПЫ РАСПРЕДЕЛЕНИЕ К� Abstract:. Анализируются проблемы смягчения последствий изменения климата. Выделяются критерии и показатели дл� 
Article МЕХАНИЗМЫ РАСПРЕДЕЛЕНИЯ КВОТ НА ВЫБРОСЫ ПО Аннотация: Проблема изменения климата не сводится к обычным экологическим вопросам. Затрагиваются базовые � 
Article ОNTOLOGICAL APPROACH TO A CONSTRUCTION OF THE SIMULATION SYSTEM FOR ... Abstract: This paper discusses the problem of simulation system constructing for the specific domain. Authors suggest using the ontological approach. The simulation system TriadNS is considered. This 

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