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Category I.6.1 Simulation Theory

Model classification Systems theory Types of simulation (continuous and discrete)
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Article ACTIVE MONITORING AND DECISION MAKING PROBLEM Abstract: Active monitoring and problem of non-stable of sound signal parameters in the regime of piling up response signal of environment is under consideration. Math model of testing object by set  
Article Building Peculiarities of the Modern Wireless Corporate Network Abstract: Under consideration is the building of the modern wireless corporate network that implements the concept of using their own devices. Represented the requirements for the modern wireless net 
Article MEMBRANES DISTRIBUTION USING GENETIC ALGORITHMS Abstract: Membrane computing is an area of natural computing, which solves NP-complete problems simulating permeability of live cells membranes. Different researchers have developed architectures to  
Article SHORT GRAPH-SCHEME OF A SUCCESSFUL SYSTEM IDEA Abstract: Notions of a successful system and an ecologically acceptable successful system are proposed. These notions are convenient for formalization of a received inventive problem solution idea by 
Article SIGNAL PROCESSING UNDER ACTIVE MONITORING Abstract: This paper describes a method of signal preprocessing under active monitoring. Suppose we want to solve the inverse problem of getting the response of a medium to one powerful signal, which 

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