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Category I.4.8 Scene Analysis

Color Depth cues Motion Object recognition Photometry Range data Sensor fusion Shading Shape Stereo Surface fitting Time-varying imagery Tracking
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Article APPLICATION OF SATELLITE OPTICAL AND SAR IMAGES FOR CROP MAPPING AND EREA ... Abstract: Crop area estimation is a key element in crop production forecasting and estimation. Satellite imagery can provide valuable information for stratification purposes and can be used as a sourc 
Article Automated Building Extraction System Applied On High Resolution Satellite ... Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of the new Automated Building Extraction system applied on High Resolution Satellite Imagery, which is based on an object-oriented approach and sof 
Article CROP CLASSIFICATION IN UKRAINE USING SATELLITE OPTICAL AND SAR IMAGES Abstract: This paper presents first results of the use of optical and synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellite images to crop classification in Ukraine. The study aims at optimizing SAR parameters to 
Article CROP STATE AND AREA ESTIMATION IN UKRAINE BASED ON REMOTE AND INSITU ... Abstract: This paper highlights the current state on establishing a network of test sites in Ukraine within the Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) project of the Global Earth 
Article DEVELOPMENT OF PROCEDURES OF RECOGNITION OF OBJECTS WITH USAGE Abstract: the ontological approach to structuring knowledge and the description of data domain of knowledge is considered. It is described tool ontology-controlled complex for research and developmen 
Article ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT USING GEOSPATIAL DATA AND INTELLIGENT METHODS Abstract: In this paper, we describe intelligent methods and technologies for environmental risks assessment using geospatial data. The risk assessment process is based on fusion of data acquired from 
Article IMPACT OF SUBPIXEL PARADIGM ON DETERMINATION OF 3D POSITION FROM 2D IMAGE PAIR Abstract: The idea of subpixel feature detection is widely used in image processing area in these days and it has a high significance in many practical applications. This paper deals with impact of s 
Article PROBABILISTIC ESTIMATION OF TRUST MODEL AND THREAT RESISTANCE ANALYSIS IN ... Abstract: Trust and reputation models play an important role in enabling trusted computations over large-scale distributed Grids. Many models have been recently proposed and implemented within trust  
Article THE USE OF TIME-SERIES OF SATELLITE DATA TO FLOOD RISK MAPPING Abstract: In this paper we propose a novel approach for flood hazard mapping by processing and analyzing a time-series of satellite data and derived flood extent maps. This approach is advantageous i 
Article РАСПОЗНАВАНИЕ ЗДАНИЙ НА СПУТНИКОВЫХ СНИМКА Аннотация. В работе рассматривается применение нечеткого классификатора NEFClass к задаче распознавания зданий 

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