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Category I.3.5 Computational Geometry and Object Modeling

Boundary representations Constructive solid geometry (CSG) Curve, surface, solid, and object representations Geometric algorithms, languages, and systems Hierarchy and geometric transformations Modeling packages Object hierarchies Physic
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Article GEOMETRICAL TOOLS FOR ALPHA-VORONOI PARTITIONS Abstract: We consider problems to classify data represented as discrete probability distributions. For the classification we propose the Voronoi partition technique with respect to -divergence, which 
Article MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF THE CLOUD FOR RAY TRACING Abstract: The three-dimensional computer graphics claimed today in many fields of the person activity: producing of computer games, TV, animation, advertise production, visualization systems of out-of 
Article АППРОКСИМАЦИЯ ФУНКЦИИ ЯРКОСТИ ОБЪЕКТА ПОЛУТОНОВОГО ИЗОБРАЖЕНИЯ Abstract The method, to encode the gray-scale image objects, is proposed, using canonical splines within the gray-scale image structural model. While the brightness values of object pixels are determ 
Article МЕТОДЫ И АЛГОРИТМЫ ОБНАРУЖЕНИЯ ОБЪЕКТОВ ДЛ� Abstract: Одним из перспективных подходов к решению проблемы "островной" автоматизации предприятий газотранспор 

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