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Category I.2.6 Learning

Analogies Concept learning Connectionism and neural nets Induction Knowledge acquisition Language acquisition Parameter learning
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Article HYBRID SYSTEMS OF COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE EVOLVED FROM SELFLEARNING ... Abstract: Computational intelligence paradigm covers several approaches for technical problems solving in an intelligence manner, such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, evolutionary 
Article A COMPUTER METHOD TO STUDY THE ENTIRETY OF STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED DURING A Abstract: This paper considers the experimental research of measuring interconnections between the basic concepts, acquired during completion of a course in Computer Architecture. A special computer  
Article A NEW APPROACH FOR ELIMINATING THE SPURIOUS STATES ... Abstract: As is well known, the Convergence Theorem for the Recurrent Neural Networks, is based in Lyapunov´s second method, which states that associated to any one given net state, there always exi 
Article A STUDY OF APPLICATION OF NEURAL NETWORK TECHNIQUE ON SOFTWARE REPOSITORIES Abstract: Context: The use of software repositories is recent in software engineering. Different techniques have been applied to software engineering problems. We want to know the degree of applicati 
Article ADAPTIVE CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA USING NEURO-FUZZY KOHONEN NETWORK Abstract: The clustering problem for multivariate observations often encountered in many applications connected with Data Mining and Exploratory Data Analysis. Conventional approach to solving these p 
Article ADAPTIVE COMPARTMENTAL WAVELON WITH ROBUST LEARNING ALGORITHM Abstract: In this paper a robust learning algorithm for adaptive compartmental wavelon based on R. Welsh criterion is proposed. Suggested learning algorithm under consideration allows the signals proc 
Article ADAPTIVE FUZZY PROBABILISTIC CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA Abstract: in the paper new recurrent adaptive algorithm for fuzzy clustering of data with missing values is proposed. This algorithm is based on fuzzy probabilistic clustering procedures and self-lea 
Article ADAPTIVE GUSTAFSON-KESSEL FUZZY CLUSTERING ALGORITHM BASED ON ... Abstract: The Gustafson-Kessel fuzzy clustering algorithm is capable of detecting hyperellipsoidal clusters of different sizes and orientations by adjusting the covariance matrix of data, thus overco 
Article ADAPTIVE NEURO-FUZZY KOHONEN NETWORK WITH VARIABLE FUZZIFIER Abstract: The problem of neuro-fuzzy Kohonen network self-learning with fuzzy inference in tasks of clustering in conditions of overlapped classes is considered. The basis of the approach are probabi 
Article ADAPTIVE WAVELET-NEURO-FUZZY NETWORK IN THE FORECASTING ... Abstract: The architecture of adaptive wavelet-neuro-fuzzy-network and its learning algorithm for the solving of nonstationary processes forecasting and emulation tasks are proposed. The learning algo 
Article ANALOGIES BETWEEN TEXTS: MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND APPLICATIONS IN ... Abstract: The origin for the classification of analogy is a comparison procedure we use to make a conclusion about similarity between the source and the target. Whenever the comparison procedure is n 
Article ANALOGOUS REASONING AND CASE-BASED REASONING FOR INTELLIGENT ... Abstract: Methods of analogous reasoning and case-based reasoning for intelligent decision support systems are considered. Special attention is drawn to methods based on a structural analogy that tak 
Article APPROACHES TO SEQUENCE SIMILARITY REPRESENTATION Abstract: We discuss several approaches to similarity preserving coding of symbol sequences and possible connections of their distributed versions to metric embeddings. Interpreting sequence represen 
Article ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MONITORING SYSTEM Abstract: The article presents the neural network constructed in order to use it for monitoring. Its role is to recognize the events in alarm situations (theft, burglary etc.). The film presenting a  
Article CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE MODELING AND SYSTEMATIZATION ON THE BASIS OF NATURAL ... Abstract: Knowledge management is aimed at the sustainable development and competitiveness increasing of an organization, a state, a human. The appropriateness of knowledge application for solving a n 
Article CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE MODELING ON THE BASIS OF NATURAL CLASSIFICATION Abstract: It is difficult to exaggerate the importance, the urgency and complexity of “good” classifications creation, especially in knowledge management, artificial intelligence, decision making 
Article CONSTRUCTING OF A CONSENSUS OF SEVERAL EXPERTS STATEMENTS∗ Abstract: Let Γ be a population of elements or objects concerned by the problem of recognition. By assumption, some experts give probabilistic predictions of unknown belonging classes γ of objects  
Article DECISION TREES FOR APPLICABILITY OF EVOLUTION RULES IN TRANSITION P SYSTEMS Abstract: Transition P Systems are a parallel and distributed computational model based on the notion of the cellular membrane structure. Each membrane determines a region that encloses a multiset of 
Article DECISIONS ON SELECTING THE TRAINING ALGORITHM OF THE NEURAL NETWORK WITH ... Abstract: There is predicated a decision making problem with the finite set of neural network training algorithms as alternatives against a set of that neural network parameters, being controlled and 
Article DIAGARA: AN INCREMENTAL ALGORITHM FOR INFERRING IMPLICATIVE RULES FROM EXAMPLES Abstract: An approach is proposed for inferring implicative logical rules from examples. The concept of a good diagnostic test for a given set of positive examples lies in the basis of this approach. 
Article DIDACTIC DESIGNING OF RESOURCE SUPPORT FOR TRAINING ENVIRONMENT Abstract: Designing of the training environment with expected qualities is considered as a multidimensional technology of Didactic design, which represents the aggregate of methodology and designing  
Article EDUKIT: INFO-EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM ENABLING TO CREATE WEBSITES FOR SECONDARY ... Abstract: This article focuses on computerisation and informatisation of Ukrainian secondary schools. Some of the problems can be solved with the help of modern technologies, for instance, by present 
Article EVOLVING CASCADE NEURAL NETWORK BASED ON MULTIDIMESNIONAL EPANECHNIKOV’S ... Abstract: At present time neural networks based on Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH-NN), nodes of which are two-input N-Adalines, is well-known. Each of N-Adalines contains the set of adjustable sy 
Article GROWING NEURAL NETWORKS USING NONCONVENTIONAL ACTIVATION FUNCTIONS Abstract: In the paper, an ontogenic artificial neural network (ANNs) is proposed. The network uses orthogonal activation functions that allow significant reducing of computational complexity. Anothe 
Article HYBRID CASCADE NEURAL NETWORK BASED ON WAVELET-NEURON Abstract: In the paper new hybrid cascade wavelet-neural network and its learning algorithm in batch and on-line mode are proposed. Such architecture can be used for solving prediction and emulation n 

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