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Category I.2.4 Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods

Frames and scripts Modal logic Predicate logic Relation systems Representation languages Representations (procedural and rule-based) Semantic networks Temporal logic
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Article A MATHEMATICAL APPARATUS FOR DOMAIN ONTOLOGY SIMULATION. AN EXTENDABLE ... Abstract: A mathematical apparatus for domain ontology simulation will be described in the series of the articles. This article is the first one of the series. The paper is devoted to means for repre 
Article A MATHEMATICAL APPARATUS FOR DOMAIN ONTOLOGY SIMULATION. LOGICAL ... Abstract: A mathematical apparatus for domain ontology simulation will be described in the series of the articles The goal of this article is to define unenriched and enriched logical relationship sy 
Article A MATHEMATICAL APPARATUS FOR ONTOLOGY SIMULATION. SPECIALIZED EXTENSIONS OF ... Abstract: A mathematical apparatus for domain ontology simulation is described in the series of articles. This article is the second one of the series. It describes a few specialized extensions of th 
Article AN ANALYSIS OF SOME RELATIONS AMONG DOMAIN ONTOLOGIES1 Abstract: Building domain ontologies and applying them to different objectives, researchers faced the fact that many ontologies are associated with one another by one or another relations. Therefore, 
Article ANALYSIS AND PROCESSING OF THE TEXT INFORMATION AIMED AT EXTRACTING BASIC ... Abstract: The problems extraction knowledge from natural language text is considered. An automatization approach to extraction knowledge is proposed. Keywords: automatically analysis of natural la 
Article BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ORGANIZATION OF THE MEDIUM AND THINKING ... Abstract: Given in the report conceptual presentation of the main principles of fractal-complexity Ration of the media and thinking processes of the human was formulated on the bases of the cyberneti 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF CLASS LEVEL DESCRIPTION FOR EFFICIENT RECOGNITION OF ... Abstract: Many artificial intelligence problems are NP-complete ones. To increase the needed time of such a problem solving a method of extraction of sub-formulas characterizing the common features o 
Article CREATING SET OF RELATED CONCEPTS FOR AUTOMATIC ONTOLOGY SYNTHESIS Abstract: Proposed in this paper the method for finding related concepts in domain can improve the quality of automatically generated ontologies. The method can be efficiently used for tasks of seman 
Article DEVELOPMENT, STUDY AND PRESENTATION OF FUNCTIONS AND OPERATIONS ON ONTOLOGIES Abstract: A set of functions and operations on ontologies for effective representation, analysis, transformation and construction of ontologies is defined. Keywords: ontology, functions, operation 
Article DISCRETE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROBLEMS AND NUMBER OF STEPS OF THEIR SOLUTION Abstract: Aggregate characteristics of discrete models appearing in different artificial intelligence problems are considered. It is shown that if an investigated object is a collection of its element 
Article DISTANCE BETWEEN OBJECTS DESCRIBED BY PREDICATE FORMULAS Abstract: Functions defining a distance and a distinguish degree between objects described by predicate formulas are introduced. It is proved that the introduced function of distance satisfies all pr 
Article DOMAINS WITH COMPLICATED STRUCTURES AND THEIR ONTOLOGIES1 Abstract: The article defines the class of domains with complicated structures, gives the definition of multilevel ontologies and determines the method for developing such ontologies. Keywords: Do 
Article DOUBLE-WAVELET NEURON BASED ON ANALYTICAL ACTIVATION FUNCTIONS Abstract: In this paper a new double-wavelet neuron architecture obtained by modification of standard wavelet neuron, and its learning algorithm are proposed. The offered architecture allows to impro 
Article EFFICIENT SIMULATION FOR PROLOG IMPLEMENTATION OF IMAGE RECOGNITION PROBLEM Abstract: Pattern recognition problem using properties of parts of a recognizable objects and relations between them is NP-hard. That is why quick recognition of an object with many elements is a dif 
Article Facts extraction from the semi-structured text information Abstract: Fact extraction from the text is one of the most important areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Majority of existing approaches allows extracting facts from structured textual infor 
Article FORMING KNOWLEDGE BASES IN THE COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE BANK ON MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS 1 Abstract: Basic types of information resources for the computer knowledge bank on medical diagnostics are presented. They are observation ontology and some examples of observations bases from vario 
Article INTEGRATION OF FINANCIAL DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE ON BASE OF SEMANTIC WEB TECHNOLOGIES Abstract: The increasingly huge volume of financial information found in a number of heterogeneous business sources is characterized by unstructured content, disparate data models and implicit knowle 
Article KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION IN THE AUTOMATED LEARNING SYSTEMS Abstract: The role of knowledge representation in IIS is considered in current article. Features of interaction of different categories of users in the learning process are presented. Methods of know 
Article KNOWLEDGE-BASED ROBOT CONTROL Abstract: The paper is related with the problem of developing autonomous intelligent robots for complex environments. In details it outlines a knowledge-based robot control architecture that combines 
Article LOGIC-LINGUISTIC MODEL OF FACT GENERATION FROM TEXT STREAMS OF CORPORATE... Abstract: This paper proposes a logical-linguistic model extracting semi-structured facts in English texts. To identify the fact some entities expressed by lexical units as well as semantic relations 
Article MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF DOMAIN ONTOLOGIES1 Abstract: In this article the notion of a mathematical model of domain ontology is introduced. The mathematical apparatus (unenriched logical relationship systems) is essentially used. The representa 
Article MERGING WIKI AND ONTOLOGICAL APPROACH TO E-LEARNING PORTAL DESIGN Abstract: The paper presents an ontological approach towards e-learning portal development. Special stress is put on structuring procedure as it is the kernel of ontology development and on visual de 
Article METHODS AND TOOLS OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AT THE SEMANTIC WEB ENVIROMENT Annotation: the main problems of ontological knowledge management for Web are analyzed, e.g. the problem of integration of knowledge from different sources, knowledge acquisition and knowledge retri 
Article METHODS OF SYNTHESIZING REVERSIBLE SPATIAL MULTIVALUED STRUCTURES OF ... Abstract: The basic construction concepts of multivalued intellectual systems (MIS), which are adequate to primal problems of person activity and using hybrid tools with many-valued coding are consid 
Article METHODS OF SYNTHESIZING REVERSIBLE SPATIAL MULTIVALUED ... Abstract: The basic construction concepts of multivalued intellectual systems (MIS), which are adequate to primal problems of person activity and using hybrid tools with many-valued coding are consid 

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