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Category I.2.2 Automatic Programming

Automatic analysis of algorithms Program modification Program synthesis Program transformation Program verification
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Article A METHOD OF CONTEXT-SENSITIVE HELP GENERATION USING A TASK PROJECT1 Abstract. The article presents a new method to automatic generation of help in software. Help generation is realized in the framework of the tool for development and automatic generation of user inte 
Article A METHOD OF ESTIMATING USABILITY OF A USER INTERFACE BASED ON ITS MODEL Abstract. The article presents a new method to estimating usability of a user interface based on its model. The principal features of the method are: creation of an expandable knowledge base of usabi 
Article DIALOG BASED ON GRAPHICAL STATIC SCENES MANAGED BY AN ONTOLOGY Abstract. A new method to implementation of dialog based on graphical static scenes using an ontology-based approach to user interface development is proposed. The main idea of the approach is to for 
Article METHODS FOR AUTOMATED DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE OF USER INTERFACES Abstract: Methods for automated development and maintenance of intellectual software user interfaces are proposed. They rest on an ontology-based approach and intended for decreasing effort and time f 
Article Program Invariants Generation over Polynomial Ring using Iterative Methods. Abstract: A solution for program polynomial invariant generation problem is presented. An iteration upper approximation method that was successfully applied on free algebras in this paper was adopted  
Article ПЕРСПЕКТИВНЫЕ НАПРАВЛЕНИЯ РАЗВИТИЯ ... Аннотация: Рассматриваются проблемы создания и применения автоматизированных систем. Особое внимание удел� 

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