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Category H.4.3 Communications Applications

Bulletin boards Computer conferencing, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing Electronic mail Information browsers Videotex
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Article AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN (ASEIMC) Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to present an automated system for realization of effective internet marketing campaign (ASEIMC). The constantly growing number of websites available online brin 
Article METHOD FOR CONTROLLING STATE CHANNEL WIRELESS NETWORKS UNDER A PRIORI ... Abstract: A method of monitoring the state of the radio channel using statistical information of the turbo decoder, the use of which in the adaptive system will allow carrying out its restructuring u 
Article MOBILE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL OF EDUCATIONAL PROCESS Abstract: The article describes the application of mobile communication technology for enhancing of educational process. Keywords: Mobile phones, education. ACM Classification Keywords: H.4.3.  
Article PROBLEM OF CHOICE OF SWITCHING ELEMENT FOR OPTICAL TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK Abstract: The advantages of optical technologies' usage for information transfer by telecommunication networks are researched. The analysis of methods for increasing the switching speed of optical si 
Article TECHNOLOGY OF SATELLITE AND MOBILE COMMUNICATION IN MODERN DISTANCE EDUCATION Abstract: This paper describes the use of technology of satellite and mobile communication for quality improving of modern distance education. Keywords: satellite communication, mobile telephones, 
Article TRAINING COMPLEX FOR REMOTE STUDY OF MICROCONTROLLERS Abstract: This paper describes the use of technology of satellite and mobile communication for remote study of mictocontrollers. Keywords: microcontrollers, satellite communication, mobile telepho 
Article ПЬЕЗООПТИЧЕСКИЕ СКАНИРУЮЩИЕ КОММУТАТОРЫ Аннотация: В статье рассмотрены оптоволоконные коммутационные устройства на основе трубчатых и монолитных  

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