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Article BULGARIAN NATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM – MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF DIGITISATIO Abstract: The conservation, spread, comprehension and recreation of traditional culture heritages is one of the main purpose of the National Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria. As other cultural and sci 
Article DIGITAL ARCHIVE AND MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY FOR BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL CULTURE ... Abstract: In this paper we present investigation of methods and techniques for digitization and security in digital folklore archive - an archive that consists of unique folklore artifacts stored and 
Article MODELS, TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS OF E-LEARNING PERSONALIZATION Abstract: In recent years Web has become mainstream medium for communication and information dissemination. This paper presents approaches and methods for adaptive learning implementation, which are  
Article TOWARDS AN INNOVATIVE PRESENTATION AND CREATIVE USAGE OF THE BULGARIAN ... Abstract: The “Knowledge Technologies for Creation of Digital Presentation and Significant Repositories of Folklore Heritage” research project uses the semantic-based and multimedia digital librar 
Article TOWARDS LINGUISTICS ANALYSIS OF THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DOMAIN Abstract: This paper presents an investigation of the lexical structure of the Bulgarian folklore, made during the "Knowledge Technologies for Creation of Digital Presentation and Significant Reposito 
Article VIRTUAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BULGARIAN ICONOGRAPHY Abstract: East-Christian icon art is recognised as one of the most significant areas of the art of painting. Regrettably, it is still being neglected in the digital documentation and the registry of  
Article VIRTUAL EXPOSITIONS MODELING IN THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE Abstract: In this paper we discuss the process of virtual exposition modeling for the folklore domain. Two folklore information systems are chosen as a source of the content – the Bulgarian folklor 

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