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Category H.3.5 Online Information Services

Commercial services Data sharing Web-based services
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Article A METHOD FOR EVALUATION OF INFORMATIONAL SERVICES - STEP 2: COMPUTING ... Abstract: Enhancing the hardware power does not cause linear enhancing of the informational services’ performance. To discover the value of growth one has to test both source and enhanced systems  
Article A USE CASE SCENARIO FOR TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED LEARNING THROUGH SEMANTIC WEB ... Abstract: A use case scenario dealing with the formal presentation of semantic Web services for technology-enhanced learning has been developed in the frames of the SINUS project “Semantic Technolog 
Article APPLICATION OF SOCIAL ANALYTICS FOR BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS Abstract: Social networking tools, blogs and microblogs, user-generated content sites, discussion groups, problem reporting, and other social services have transformed the way people communicate and c 
Article DIGITAL ARCHIVE AND MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY FOR BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL CULTURE ... Abstract: In this paper we present investigation of methods and techniques for digitization and security in digital folklore archive - an archive that consists of unique folklore artifacts stored and 
Article ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY OF EFFICIENT INTERNET RETRIEVAL FOR RELEVANT ... Abstract: The developed technology consists of three main stages: collection of information from a search engine; sifting irrelevant information by the pre-selected features; ranking the obtained re 
Article ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT USING GEOSPATIAL DATA AND INTELLIGENT METHODS Abstract: In this paper, we describe intelligent methods and technologies for environmental risks assessment using geospatial data. The risk assessment process is based on fusion of data acquired from 
Article HI!MVC: HIERARCHICAL MVC FRAMEWORK FOR WEB APPLICATIONS Abstract: This paper presents Hi!MVC, a framework for developing high interactive web applications with a MVC Architecture. Nowadays, to manage, extend and correct web applications can be difficult d 
Article LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS OF THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE. EXPERIMENTAL ... Abstract: The observation of the lexical structure of the Bulgarian folklore is very important task for different science domains such as folkloristic, ethnology, linguistics, computational linguisti 
Article RESEARCH PORTAL “REGIONS’ INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT” Abstract: This paper presents a project, aimed to create an information analytic system to solve the problem of organizing collective work of researchers, supporting their efficient cooperation on on 
Article SEARCH AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES IN ICONOGRAPHICAL DIGITAL LIBRARY Abstract: Today there are a large number of digital archives, libraries and museums with rich digital collections representing the European cultural and historical heritage. The new challenge shifts  
Article SOCIAL CONTEXT AS MACHINE-PROCESSABLE KNOWLEDGE Abstract: In this paper, we show how to represent to our formal reasoning and to model social context as knowledge using network models to aggregate heterogeneous information. We show how social cont 
Article TOWARDS LINGUISTICS ANALYSIS OF THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DOMAIN Abstract: This paper presents an investigation of the lexical structure of the Bulgarian folklore, made during the "Knowledge Technologies for Creation of Digital Presentation and Significant Reposito 
Article ИССЛЕДОВАТЕЛЬСКИЙ ПОРТАЛ «ИННОВАЦИОННОЕ Р� Аннотация: Представлен проект, направленный на создание информационно-аналитической системы, предназначен� 

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