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Article ADJUSTING WSMO API REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATION TO SUPPORT ... Abstract: In the presented paper we scrutinize the persistence facilities provided by the WSMO API reference implementation. It is shown that its current file data-store persistence is not very relia 
Article INTELLECTUAL SEARCH ENGINE OF ADEQUATE INFORMATION IN INTERNET FOR CREATING ... Abstract: Modern Web is more comparable to boundless universe of information. Sometimes it is very difficult to find relevant information in Web because of a variety of information and "unfair play"  
Article SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE AND INTELLECTUAL DATABASE OF PEOPLE Abstract: Social networks are the core of modern Web. Nowadays almost every person have pages in several social networks. Social networks are very structured, so it is possible to make advanced queri 
Article ФОРМИРОВАНИЕ БАЗОВЫХ СТРУКТУР ВОСПРИЯТИЯ И Аннотация: Процесс обучения, как процесс накопления «знания», предлагается рассматривать как процесс формир 

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