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Article AN APPROACH TO THE MODELING OF THE COGNITIVE ABILITY MANAGING THE FOCUS OF ... Abstract: The article reveals an approach to modelling of the cognitive ability managing the focus of attention (an ability to switch one's attention) which is based on the reflexive mechanisms devel 
Article APPLIED PROBLEMS OF FUNCTIONAL HOMONYMY RESOLUTION FOR RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Abstract: Applied problems of functional homonymy resolution for Russian language are investigated in the work. The results obtained while using the method of functional homonymy resolution based on  
Article AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF TITLES FOR A CORPUS OF QUESTIONS Abstract: This paper describes the followed methodology to automatically generate titles for a corpus of questions that belong to sociological opinion polls. Titles for questions have a twofold fun 
Article IMPLEMENTATION OF DICTIONARY LOOKUP AUTOMATA FOR UNL ANALYSIS AND GENERATION Abstract: In this paper we present some research results and propose solutions for natural language string lookup techniques. In particular a fast method is suggested for searching dictionary entries 
Article INTELLECTUAL SEARCH ENGINE OF ADEQUATE INFORMATION IN INTERNET FOR CREATING ... Abstract: Modern Web is more comparable to boundless universe of information. Sometimes it is very difficult to find relevant information in Web because of a variety of information and "unfair play"  
Article MODEL OF LEXICOGRAPHICAL DATABASE: STRUCTURE, BASIC FUNCTIONALITY... Abstract: In the paper we describe the model of lexicographical database and Russian-Tatar lexicographical database data model. Keywords: lexicographical database, linguistic resource, grammatical 
Article SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE AND INTELLECTUAL DATABASE OF PEOPLE Abstract: Social networks are the core of modern Web. Nowadays almost every person have pages in several social networks. Social networks are very structured, so it is possible to make advanced queri 
Article TERMINOLOGICAL ANNOTATION OF THE DOCUMENT IN A RETRIEVAL CONTEXT ON THE BASIS... Abstract: In this article the method of terminological annotation of mathematical documents which is used in a context of text mining (in particular, for RDF network developing of a collection of math 
Article THE COMBINED APPROACH TO PRESENTATION OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT ... Abstract: The problem of a semantic gap between multimedia content and its textual annotation defined by user is urgent. This paper presents the combined approach to presentation of multimedia semanti 
Article THE DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT SYSTEM "ONTOINTEGRATOR" ... Abstract: The article is described architecture and functionality of development support system "OntoIntegrator” for NLP. Keywords: Natural language processing, ontological models, program tools 
Article THE DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT SYSTEM "ONTOINTEGRATOR" FOR LINGUISTIC APPLICATIONS Abstract: The article is described architecture and functionality of development support system "OntoIntegrator” for NLP. Keywords: Natural language processing, ontological models, program tools 
Article THE SYSTEM OF MULTILINGUAL TEXT DATA PROCESSING ON THE BASE OF THE MODIFIED ... Abstract: The article describes the architecture and principles of work of the developed system of automated processing of large volumes of textual information. The system is based on the modificatio 
Article АСПЕКТЫ НЕКЛАССИЧЕСКОЙ ТЕОРИИ НОМИНАЦИИ И Аннотация: В сообщении рассматривается ряд аспектов именования, которые не вкладываются в рамки классическо 

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