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Category H.2.4 Systems

Concurrency Distributed databases Multimedia databases Object-oriented databases Parallel databases Query processing Relational databases Rule-based databases Textual databases Transaction processing
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Article ABOUT METHODS OF MATHEMATICAL MODELLING IN THE DEVELOPMENT ... Abstract: This article describes the approach, which allows to develop information systems without taking into consideration details of physical storage of the relational model and type database mana 
Article AN ADAPTIVE GENETIC ALGORITHM WITH DYNAMIC POPULATION SIZE ... Abstract: The problem of finding the optimal join ordering executing a query to a relational database management system is a combinatorial optimization problem, which makes deterministic exhaustive s 
Article INTEGRATION PRINCIPLES OF RUSSIAN AND JAPANESE DATABASES ON INORGANIC MATERIALS Abstract: The methods and software for integration of databases (DBs) on inorganic material and substance properties have been developed. The information systems integration is based on known approac 
Article THE DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM OF DATABASES ON PROPERTIES OF INORGANIC ... Abstract: The principles of organization of the distributed system of databases on properties of inorganic substances and materials based on the use of a special reference database are considered. Th 
Article USE OF DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR WEB-ENABLED DATABASE ... Abstract: In this paper we consider two computer systems and the dynamic Web technologies they are using. Different contemporary dynamic web technologies are described in details and their advantages 
Article ИНВАРИАНТНЫЕ ЗАДАЧИ ОНТОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ СИСТЕМ Аннотация: В статье представлен подход к достижению разрешимости проблемных ситуаций на основе поддержки в 

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