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Category G.1.2 Approximation

Approximation of surfaces and contours Chebyshev approximation and theory Elementary function approximation Fast Fourier transforms (FFT) Least squares approximation Linear approximation Minimax approximation and algorithms Nonlinear
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Article ALGORITHMIZATION PROCESS FOR FRACTAL ANALYSIS IN THE CHAOTIC DYNAMICS OF ... Abstract: This work deals in the usage of fractal analysis to determine the trend of dynamic characteristics of chaotic series based on R/S-analysis. We propose an algorithm using the method of dyna 
Article AN ALGORITHM FOR FRESNEL DIFFRACTION COMPUTING BASED ON FRACTIONAL ... Abstract: The fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) is used for the solution of the diffraction integral in optics. A scanning approach is proposed for finding the optimal FrFT order. In this way, the  
Article ANALYSIS OF THE PROPERTIES OF ORDINARY LEVY MOTION BASED ON THE ESTIMATION ... Abstract: The work proposes a method for estimating the stability index of alpha-stable distributions by using moments of fractional order. Provided numerical modeling has fully justified all of the  
Article APPLICATION OF DISCRETE OPTIMIZATION IN SOLVING A PROBLEM ... Abstract: In this paper we study the problem of multi-item capacitated lot-sizing from the point of commercial enterprises. We consider profit as the main criteria. This dynamic problem belongs to th 
Article COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS FOR ESTIMATING OF THE HURST EXPONET FOR STATIONARY AND ... Abstract: Estimating of the Hurst exponent for experimental data plays a very important role in the research of processes which show properties of self-similarity. There are many methods for estimatin 
Article DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS IN DESCRIPTION OF NONLINEAR RECURSIVE ... Abstract: The task of approximation-forecasting for a function, represented by empirical data was investigated. Certain class of the functions as forecasting tools: so called RFT-transformers, – wa 
Article EVOLVING CASCADE NEURAL NETWORK BASED ON MULTIDIMESNIONAL EPANECHNIKOV’S ... Abstract: At present time neural networks based on Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH-NN), nodes of which are two-input N-Adalines, is well-known. Each of N-Adalines contains the set of adjustable sy 
Article Integrated Approach to the Study of Fractal Time Series Abstract: In this works we propose an integrated approach to the analysis of self-similar properties of stochastic processes for time series of short length. The sequence of steps of the fractal anal 
Article METHODS OF RECONSTRUCTION OF SURFACE PROFILES MEASURED BY STYLUS METHOD Abstract: The paper shows information of distortion of measurement results by stylus method. The review of surface topography reconstruction method is presented. These methods were used by the presen 
Article MODELING TELECOMMUNICATIONS TRAFFIC USING THE STOCHASTIC MULTIFRACTAL CASCADE... Abstract: In this work the simulation of realizations of telecommunications traffic, which has multifractal properties. The mathematical model of traffic is based on a stochastic binomial multiplicati 
Article POLYNOMIAL APPROXIMATION USING PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION OF LINEAR ... Abstract: This paper presents some ideas about a new neural network architecture that can be compared to a Taylor analysis when dealing with patterns. Such architecture is based on lineal activation  
Article ЛИНЕЙНОЕ ОЦЕНИВАНИЕ ПАРАМЕТРОВ МОДЕЛЕЙ ФИН Аннотация: предлагается метод линейного оценивания параметров моделей финансовых временных рядов противоп� 

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