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Category G. Mathematics of Computing

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Article FAILURE PREDICTION IN COMPLEX COMPUTER SYSTEMS Abstract: Failure prediction has its origins at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. Trade companies tried to calculate what was the risk with shipping goods over the sea. Modern failure predicti 
Article KERNEL-BASED METHODS FOR NON-STATIONARY TIME-SERIES ... Abstract: Identification and prediction problem of nonlinear time-series generated by discrete dynamic system is considered via Kernel Method approach. A unified approach to recurrent kernel identifi 
Article STUDY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN UTILITY FUNCTION AND MEMBERSHIP FUNCTION IN THE ... Abstract: We consider the condition of the same ordering of objects due to using the convolution of utility functions and membership functions. It turns out that the same order takes place when the e 
Article USING PHYSICAL QUANTITIES IN APPLIED MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS WITH MAPLE Abstract. The present article discusses units of measure and their base units, work environments built in the Units package of the computer algebra system Maple. An analysis is drawn of the tools of  

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