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Article ALGORITHMIC DECIDABILITY OF COMPUTER PROGRAM-FUNCTIONS LANGUAGE PROPERTIES Abstract: A mathematical notion of a computer program-function for some programming languages (in particular, for some versions of Pascal and Turbo/Visual Prolog) is introduced as a restriction of an 
Article A LANGUAGE USING QUANTIFIERS FOR DESCRIPTION OF ASSERTIONS ABOUT ... Abstract: Mathematical models of N-finite (N  2) (especially for N= 216 typical for IBM-compatible personal computers) real, integer or Boolean valued computations are proposed in the frameworks of 
Article POLYNOMIAL-TIME EFFECTIVENESS OF PASCAL, TURBO PROLOG, VISUAL PROLOG AND ... Abstract: An analysis of distinctions between a mathematical notion of an algorithm and a program is presented in the paper. The notions of the number of steps and the run used memory size for a Pasc 
Article SYSTEMS OF LINEAR DIOPHANTINE EQUATIONS AND DIS-EQUATIONS COMPLEXITY Abstract: Series of problems concerning systems of linear Diophantine equations and dis-equations with explicitly given parameters are offered below. For every problem from a series the conditions up 

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