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Category F.2.2 Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems

Complexity of proof procedures Computations on discrete structures Geometrical problems and computations Pattern matching Routing and layout Sequencing and scheduling Sorting and searching
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Article APPROXIMATION GREEDY ALGORITHM FOR RECONSTRUCTING OF (0,1)-MATRICES WITH DIFFERE Abstract: Existence and reconstruction issues are considered for a class of (0,1)-matrices with different rows. Intending to define quantitative characteristics, maximization of which lead to matrice 
Article CONSTRAINED OBJECT-CHARACTERIZATION TABLES AND ALGORITHMS1 Abstract: Let ܥ be a collection of objects, characterized by the set ܣ = {ܽଵ,⋯,ܽ௡} of binary attributes. We consider problems of the following type: given an object-characterization table,  
Article CONSTRAINT CONVEXITY TOMOGRAPHY AND LAGRANGIAN APPROXIMATIONS Abstract: This paper considers one particular problem of general type of discrete tomography problems and introduces an approximate algorithm for its solution based on Lagrangian relaxation. A softwa 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF CLASS LEVEL DESCRIPTION FOR EFFICIENT RECOGNITION OF ... Abstract: Many artificial intelligence problems are NP-complete ones. To increase the needed time of such a problem solving a method of extraction of sub-formulas characterizing the common features o 
Article CONVEXITY RELATED ISSUES FOR THE SET OF HYPERGRAPHIC SEQUENCES Abstract: We consider ܦ ,(݊)௠the set of all degree sequences of simple hypergraphs with ݊ vertices and ݉ hyperedges. We show that ܦ ,(݊)௠which is a subset of the ݊-dimensional ݉+1-valued  
Article DISCRETE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROBLEMS AND NUMBER OF STEPS OF THEIR SOLUTION Abstract: Aggregate characteristics of discrete models appearing in different artificial intelligence problems are considered. It is shown that if an investigated object is a collection of its element 
Article EFFICIENT SIMULATION FOR PROLOG IMPLEMENTATION OF IMAGE RECOGNITION PROBLEM Abstract: Pattern recognition problem using properties of parts of a recognizable objects and relations between them is NP-hard. That is why quick recognition of an object with many elements is a dif 
Article EVALUATION OF GREEDY ALGORITHM OF CONSTRUCTING (0,1)-MATRICES WITH DIFFERENT ... Abstract: An approximation greedy algorithm is considered for reconstruction of (0,1)-matrices with different rows. Numbers of pairs of different rows is taken up as a quantitative characteristic, max 
Article IMPLEMENTATION OF DICTIONARY LOOKUP AUTOMATA FOR UNL ANALYSIS AND GENERATION Abstract: In this paper we present some research results and propose solutions for natural language string lookup techniques. In particular a fast method is suggested for searching dictionary entries 
Article LEARNING TECHNOLOGY IN SCHEDULING BASED ON THE MIXED GRAPHS Abstract: We propose the adaptive algorithm for solving a set of similar scheduling problems using learning technology. It is devised to combine the merits of an exact algorithm based on the mixed gr 
Article LINEAR PROGRAM FORM FOR RAY DIFFERENT DISCRETE TOMOGRAPHY Abstract: A special quality of discrete tomography problem solutions that requires the ray difference is considered. Two classes of reconstruction tasks of (0,1)-matrices with different rows are stud 
Article ON STRUCTURAL RECOGNITION WITH LOGIC AND DISCRETE ANALYSIS Abstract: The paper addresses issues of special style structuring of learning set in pattern recognition area. Above the regular means of ranking of objects and properties, which also use the structur 
Article REALIZATION OF AN OPTIMAL SCHEDULE FOR THE TWO-MACHINE Abstract: Non-preemptive two-machine flow-shop scheduling problem with uncertain processing times of n jobs is studied. In an uncertain version of a scheduling problem, there may not exist a unique s 
Article RECENT RESULTS ON STABILITY ANALYSIS ... Abstract: Two assembly line balancing problems are addressed. The first problem (called SALBP-1) is to minimize number of linearly ordered stations for processing n partially ordered operations V = { 
Article SELF-MODIFICATED PREDICATE NETWORKS Abstract: A model of self-modificated predicate network with cells implementing predicate formulas in the form of elementary conjunction is suggested. Unlike a classical neuron network the proposed m 
Article SEQUENCING JOBS WITH UNCERTAIN PROCESSING TIMES ... Abstract: We consider an uncertain version of the scheduling problem to sequence set of jobs J on a single machine with minimizing the weighted total flow time, provided that processing time of a job 
Article THE INVERSE MASLOV METHOD AND ANT TACTICS FOR EXHAUSTIVE SEARCH DECREASING Abstract: Algorithms for soling artificial intelligence problems allowing to formalize by means of predicate language are presented in the paper. These algorithms use the modified Maslov’s inverse  
Article THE INVERSE METHOD FOR SOLVING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROBLEMS IN ... Abstract: The paper is devoted to the modifying of Maslov inverse method for a special form of predicate formulas used in the solution of artificial intelligence problems. An algorithm of the inverse 

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