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Category F.2.1 Numerical Algorithms and Problems

Computation of transforms (e.g., fast Fourier transform) Computations in finite fields Computations on matrices Computations on polynomials Number-theoretic computations (e.g., factoring, primality testing)
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Article A COMBINED EXTERIOR PENALTY FUNCTION – CONJUGATE GRADIENT ALGORITHM ... Abstract: In this paper, combined exterior penalty function-conjugate gradient algorithm for a constrained optimal control problem for the coefficients of a quasilinear equation is applied. The const 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF SOME COMPOSITION PERMUTATIONS VIA LINEAR TRANSLATORS Abstract: This paper considers construction of some composition permutation polynomials. For some permutation polynomials the explicit view of their self-compositions and inverse mappings are given.  
Article DIFFERENTIAL EVOLUTION – PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION Abstract: This paper shows the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm with a Differential Evolution. Each candidate solution is sampled uniformly in [−5,5] D, whereDdenotes the search space dimension 
Article MATRICIAL MODEL FOR THE STUDY OF LOWER BOUNDS Abstract: Let V be an array. The range query problem concerns the design of data structures for implementing the following operations. The operation update(j,x) has the effect v v x j j ← + , and t 
Article ON THE COMPLEXITY OF SEARCH FOR CONJUNCTIVE RULES IN RECOGNITION PROBLEMS Abstract: New results are obtained in logical data analysis and in the development of recognition procedures based on constructing conjunctive rules. Asymptotically optimal methods of constructing no 
Article OPTIMAL CONTROL OF A SECOND ORDER PARABOLIC HEAT EQUATION Abstract: In this paper, we are concerned with the optimal control boundary control of a second order parabolic heat equation. Using the results in [Evtushenko, 1997] and spatial central finite diffe 
Article Review of some problems on the complexity of simultaneous divisibility of linear Abstract: An introduction to the problems considering complexity of simultaneous divisibilities of values of linear polynomials is presented. Some history facts, recent results and open questions tha 
Article SELECTING CLASSIFIERS TECHNIQUES FOR OUTCOME PREDICTION ... Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of different techniques that is designed to aid a researcher in determining which of the classification techniques would be most appropriate to choose the ri 
Article THE NEW SOFTWARE PACKAGE FOR DYNAMIC HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERING ... Abstract: In data mining, efforts have focused on finding methods for efficient and effective cluster analysis in large databases. Active themes of research focus on the scalability of clustering met 

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