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Article A CONCEPT OF A MODEL OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR FORMING COMPLEX UNITERMS Abstract: The existing methods of intuitive and mathematical methods of application of algorithms in system are described. It is shown that in the existing formula editor of algebra of algorithms onl 
Article CLASSIFICATION RESULTS FOR (v, k, 1) CYCLIC DIFFERENCE FAMILIES WITH SMALL ... Abstract: Classifications of (v, k, 1) cyclic difference families (CDFs) by other authors are known for k = 3 and v  57, k = 4 and v  64, k = 5 and v  65, k = 6 and v = 91 and k = 7 and v = 91. In 
Article SOME METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO THE PROBLEM OF "UNDERSTANDING THE UNDERSTANDIN Summary: Certain methodological questions of description and research such a complex object (and process!) as “comprehention/understanding” are described: the levels, structure, mechanisms of co 
Article SYSTEM MODIFICATION MODEL CREATING SYNTHESIS FOR ALGORITHM FORMULAS Abstract: An analysis of the basic system for the synthesis of formulas of algebra algorithms was conducted The need for a construction of an expanded system for computer synthesis that would allow s 
Article ЗАДАЧИ ПОМЕХОУСТОЙЧИВОГО АНАЛИЗА И РАСПОЗН Аннотация: Рассматриваются некоторые задачи помехоустойчивого off-line анализа и распознавания числовых и век� 
Article О НЕКОТОРЫХ ТРУДНОРЕШАЕМЫХ ЗАДАЧАХ ПОМЕХОУ Аннотация: Рассматриваются дискретные экстремальные задачи, к которым сводятся некоторые варианты проблем� 
Article ОБ ОДНОЙ ЗАДАЧЕ РАСПОЗНАВАНИЯ ПОСЛЕДОВАТЕЛ Аннотация: Рассматривается дискретная экстремальная задача, к которой сводится один из вариантов проблемы � 

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