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Code breaking Data encryption standard (DES) Public key cryptosystems Standards (e.g., DES, PGP, RSA)
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Article ASYMMETRIC CIPHER PROTOCOL USING DECOMPOSITION PROBLEM Abstract: The asymmetric cipher protocol based on decomposition problem in matrix semiring M over semiring of natural numbers N is presented. The security parameters are defined and preliminary secur 
Article KEY AGREEMENT PROTOCOL (KAP) BASED ON MATRIX POWER FUNCTION* Abstract: The key agreement protocol (KAP) is constructed using matrix power functions. These functions are based on matrix ring action on some matrix set. Matrix power functions have some indication 
Article KEY AGREEMENT PROTOCOL USING ELLIPTIC CURVE MATRIX POWER FUNCTION* Abstract: The key agreement protocol (KAP) using elliptic curve matrix power function is presented. This function pretends be a one-way function since its inversion is related with bilinear equatio 
Article MATRIX POWER S-BOX ANALYSIS1 Abstract: Construction of symmetric cipher S-box based on matrix power function and dependant on key is analyzed. The matrix consisting of plain data bit strings is combined with three round key matr 
Article On a public key encryption algorithm based on Permutation Polynomials and ... Abstract: In this paper a modification of public key encryption system presented in [Khachatryan, Kyureghyan, 2015] and performance analysis are presented. As described in [Khachatryan, Kyureghyan, 2 

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