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Article PECULIARITIES OF LINKED DATA PROCESSING IN SEMANTIC APPLICATIONS Abstract: Nowadays linked data popularity increases along with information description in the form of RDFtriplets. Efficient implementation of users’ interaction with these kinds of data requires s 
Article STORING RDF GRAPHS USING NL-ADDRESSING Abstract: NL-addressing is a possibility to access information using natural language words as addresses of the information stored in the multi-dimensional numbered information spaces. For this purp 
Article UNIVERSAL AND DETERMINED CONSTRUCTORS OF MULTISETS OF OBJECTS Abstract: This paper contains analysis of creation of sets and multisets as an approach for modeling of some aspects of human thinking. The creation of sets is considered within constructive object-o 
Article К ВОПРОСУ ЕСТЕСТВЕННО-ЯЗЫКОВОЙ АДРЕСАЦИИ Аннотация: В настоящей работе представлена идея естественно-языковой адресации. Это дополнительная возможн� 
Article РАЗРАБОТКА ТЕКСТОВОЙ БАЗЫ НА ОСНОВЕ АНАЛИЗА СТРУКТУРЫ НАУЧНОГО ТЕКСТА Аннотация: В статье описан алгоритм построения текстовой базы, основанный на анализе структуры научного тек 

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